August 2015 Newsletter

New Google Rules

Google’s Raising the Bar for Relevant, Higher Quality Content

Google recently released the latest version of its algorithm that rewards and publishes websites based on content quality. The Panda 4.2 algorithm has arrived and will be rolled out over the coming months. The update is Google’s commitment to rewarding high-quality, user-focused content with higher rankings. The intent is improving Google search results with higher quality content and more relevancy for everyone.

Panda was initially created to help the Google search engine differentiate more effectively between high quality sites with original and informative in-depth content to low quality sites having no value to users.

It’s worth mentioning, there is a site-wide penalty, meaning a site with enough low quality pages would be impacted as a whole including its high quality pages.

The rollout means anyone who was penalized by Panda in the last update has a chance to emerge if they made the right changes. So if you were hit by Panda before, you won’t notice the full impact immediately but you should see gradual changes in your organic rankings.

A lot has changed since the first Google Panda release in 2011 that impacted organic Google search traffic. The web has since evolved into a different place with much different dynamics. Most notable the exponential growth of social media and mobile internet use.
Higher Images has the experts and the platforms to get your company ahead of the competition. Contact us at 412-203-1996.

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How to Transform Your Online Reputation

Transforming Your Online Reputation

You’ve thought of everything to promote your business online—you have a responsive website, use social media regularly, advertise using PPC, and engage in a robust SEO program to boost your organic results.

There’s more to be done, though. Managing, promoting, and maintaining your online reputation is key to attracting and keeping customers. If you have an amazing product or service, but no one talks about it online, is it still amazing? You know it is, but other people have to find out too. Harnessing the power of your online reviews is very important to your sales.

Reputation Builder Plus

Increasing Your Sales by Growing Your Online Reputation

It’s remarkable that people simply sharing their thoughts online can increase the credibility of your company, brand, service, or product.

You can further your brand or introduce your product to a new audience by garnering the right feedback, but controlling your online reputation can be tricky—a few disgruntled customers can turn people off from buying your products. You want potential customers to read great things about your offerings so that they:

  • Have the confidence to buy without touching your product or seeing it in person.
  • Choose your product over a similar one, even if yours is more expensive.
  • Are assured that your service meets their needs.
  • Purchase your product, leading to repeat purchases, world-of-mouth connections, and loyal customers.

Reputation Building Plus Streamlines the Online Review Process

While growing and maintaining your online reputation is smart business, it’s also time consuming. Whether you have 100 customers a month or 1,000 every day, you still need their feedback for world-of-mouth and social media promotion. Higher Image’s Reputation Builder Plus program harnesses the power of your customer’s feedback and encourages them to produce valuable online reviews. It’s advertising you can’t buy—but it’s priceless.

Once you’ve collected your customers’ email addresses, Reputation Builder Plus goes to work, automatically requesting their feedback (or, you can manually request it individually or within a group). With that task now out of your hands, you can concentrate on tracking and responding to both positive and negative reviews, publicly or privately.

Reputation Builder Plus increases your sales by providing tools to:

  • Collect and gather the best reviews using an automated platform.
  • Send linked emails right to your customers that encourage them to share their feedback.
  • Generate and then capture great customer reviews for website testimonials.
  • Offer direct links to different online review sites, such as Facebook, Google+, Yahoo, Yelp, Angie’s List, Foursquare, and Bing, making it easy for
  • customers to review your business and then share their feedback.
  • Improve your ranking on these sites, so when someone looks for your company or your products, they can see a starred ranking right in Google’s search results.
  • You’ll also be able to view reports on customer feedback, which tracks how many emails were sent to customers, what the open rate is, and how many reviews were received. You’ll be alerted right away if customers are reporting problems or other issues that could turn into negative feedback.

Reputation Builder Plus will garner better reviews, push your positive reviews to the top of the rankings, produce website and PR testimonials, and increase great word-of-mouth referrals. Contact Higher Images today to learn more about capturing and promoting influential online reviews.

Visitor ID: A Sales Tool That Delivers Customers Right to Your Site

Visitor ID

Maybe you have a great new responsive website with engaging content and a contact form on every page, are using an SEO program to increase your organic search reach, and even have a PPC (pay-per-click) account to ensure that you’re getting lots of traffic to your website. But, are you doing everything you can do bring in leads?

Some people would say yes. At Higher Images, we say, “No! There’s still more you can do – and it will convert site visitors to buyers.”

Our clients use Visitor ID, which can track actual users who are coming to your website. This B2B sales tool will identify those looking at your site and then provide the information you need to in order to contact them immediately. That’s right, real-time access to people who want to buy!

Reach the Prospects Viewing Your Website

Visitor ID’s advantage over other sales programs or techniques is in its ability to track customers and provide you with their information in real time – while they’re still on your site!

Visitor ID

When Visitor ID is employed, you’ll be able to see:

  • The individuals who are looking at your site RIGHT NOW
  • How to contact those individuals
  • Where they work and the pertinent information related to their company
  • Their social background
  • How long they are looking at your website so that you can determine if it’s a casual glance or a plausible lead
  • What pages and products they are viewing, or the ones that they’re viewing most often

Visitor ID gives product managers and sales executives a “heads up” that they can use to develop a sales strategy for those who are researching their services. You’ll have this information at your fingertips—and your potential customers didn’t have to log in, fill out a form or register for a free product. There’s no “hook” needed to get their name and number, and your website visitors don’t know that the program is being used.

Visitor ID installs in five minutes and can be viewed on any mobile device. You’ll be getting fresh leads right away!

As a part of our services, Higher Images is offering a free, two-week trial of Visitor ID so that you can see how this program will bring new customers right to your door. Once you’re armed with the information that Visitor ID delivers, you can focus on turning these important website leads to paying customers. Visit Higher Images’ website to get your account set up today.

Higher Images July 2015 Newsletter

Digital Marketing Research


Commitment to Content Marketing Increasing Exponentially


In a rapidly evolving industry, content marketing is here to stay. The newest research findings by The Content Council predict exponential growth over the coming years with an acceleration in the value of measuring results.The findings show executive commitment to content marketing has doubled in the past two years and is poised to double again over the next two. As commitment increases and content marketing becomes a mainstream tactic, it will continue to earn an increasing share of marketing budgets.The study, produced by The Content Council in conjunction with Ad Age, is based on survey responses from nearly 500 U.S. marketing and advertising executives that tout the importance and challenges of producing meaningful, measurable content in a fragmented digital media world. The Council is the leading non-profit organization for content marketing in North America.

Photo Credit: 99 Medialab.c


While content marketing is a strong ingredient in effective modern marketing programs, it’s one that requires continuous adjustments given the evolving nature of the industry. Beyond its creation and production, content marketing requires multiple internal disciplines working together (technology, analytics and distribution).


Higher Images has the experts and the platforms to get your company ahead of the competition. Contact us at 412-203-1996 to get ahead in this digital marketing revolution.

Google Professional Accreditations


More Google Certifications for our Digital Marketing Experts


As a Google Partner, Higher Images strives to provide our clients with competitive advantages on the Internet. Behind the scenes, we take extra measures toward assuring our teams have the most cutting-edge training available.

Daniel Harmon, David Withrow and Jessica Boehm

While many of our employees have had Google certifications for years, just in the past few weeks we’ve had three additional Google professional accreditations. One in photography and two in AdWords, the online advertising program that helps customers grow their business.


Higher Images’ Vice President Daniel Harmon is now a certified Google Independent Photographer. Please congratulate him if you see him on location shooting a Google virtual tour. Higher Images’ SEO Team Leader Jessica Boehm recently added Google AdWords certification to her professional portfolio and Director of Search Engine Marketing David Withrow was recertified by Google AdWords for the third consecutive year. Congratulations to all!

The world of digital marketing changes fast – really fast. You can’t be expected to know everything there is to know, but a few pointers on content can make a difference in your bottom line.


To effectively compete in the marketplace, companies need to stay ahead of the competition, move revenue up and to the right and look good doing it. Content marketing is an established tactic that helps, but it can sometimes feel like wielding a double-edged sword. Done well, it can generate increased views, positive media coverage and third-party mentions. move

When you meet your audience where they are and deliver the content they want – they reward you with increased engagement, sales and loyalty. To increase your content marketing success rate,

consider the following five best practice tips:


Focus on your niche. Content needs to be targeted to the people who have a genuine interest in your product or service for a particular reason. If you can write content for that person based on that reason, you will see social engagement increase.

Perfect your pitch. You can and should have an expert pitch your created, or “owned,” content to the media. If it’s not promoted content it’s wasted time and energy because it’s invisible.

Aim for quality. Almost everybody says to aim for quality over quantity, but few do. It’s easy to be lured into the practice of disseminating content 24/7. Quantity alone produces short-term SEO and organic search benefits.

Partner with influencers. They’re the people who are important to your target audience. If you can discover who they are and develop a relationship with them, you’re more likely to have them share and write about your content, product or service.

Think arms and legs. Millipedes are one of the creepiest bugs on the face of the planet, but it’s helpful to think of your content in terms of them. Each piece of content has multiple arms and legs.

See more details at 5 Ways to Increase your Content Marketing Success Rate.

Stay Ahead of the Competition with Rankings on Google

Your marketing plan is only as valuable as its audience. So how do you get your content in front of the largest audience possible? How do you increase your Google search rankings in the midst of a digital revolution? Let us create a strategic digital marketing plan designed just for your company 412-203-1996.

Build and Promote Your Image with our Award-Winning Team


Use the power of the internet to grow your business. Learn more about how Higher Images can help with your digital marketing needs. Contact us today for a free consultation!

As a Google Partner, Higher Images is continually held to the highest standards. We work to get you the best return-on-investment (ROI) possible.

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Commitment to Content Marketing Increasing Exponentially

Content Marketing

In a rapidly evolving industry, content marketing is here to stay. The newest research findings by The Content Council predict exponential growth over the coming two years with an acceleration on the value of measuring results.

The Content Council’s 2015 survey, conducted in conjunction with Advertising Age, touts the importance and challenges of producing meaningful, measurable content in a fragmented digital media world. The Council is the leading non-profit organization for content marketing in North America.

Content Marketing

The findings show communications executives’ commitment to content marketing has doubled in the past two years and is poised to double again over the next two. As commitment increases and content marketing becomes a mainstream tactic, it will continue to earn an increasing share of more and more marketing budgets.

While content marketing is a strong ingredient in effective modern marketing programs, it’s one that requires continuous adjustments given the evolving nature of the industry. Beyond its creation and production, content marketing requires multiple internal disciplines working together (technology, analytics and distribution).

Higher Images has the experts and the platforms to get your company ahead of the competition – give us a call today 412-203-1996 to get onboard in this digital marketing revolution. Our content delivers quality, consistency and efficiency at the same time to produce the most effective results for our clients.

Ruth Hawk

Public Relations Director 412-203-1996 ext. 120

Invest in a Responsive Website with Search Magnet Local

Why You Should Invest in a Responsive Website

If you sell a product or service that’s most likely to be searched by folks around your area, then you have a local product. You want people from your area to find you—fast. You need a website that works with specialized Internet search engines that delivers local results right to customers who are looking for what you’re selling.

local, you need Search Magnet Local (SML). SML is a profile website that positions your products using SEO best practices and modules that not only provide information your customers want (like reviews, testimonials, and contact numbers), they also track conversions. A Search Magnet Local site is convenient, useful, and turns local searchers into local buyers!

Responsive Local Sites That Increase Your Sales

  • Leave detailed, starred reviews
  • Read testimonials
  • View contact information
  • Connect to social media sites (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Learn more about our business
  • Click right over to your main site
  • Print coupons
  • View images
  • Read your blogs
  • Look at your ratings

Each month, we can track your SML statistics, which include how many people:

  • Read your blogs
  • Look at your social media pages
  • View your videos
  • Click on your number to call you
  • Found directions to your business
  • And much more

Here’s at look at an SML page:

Search Magnet Local

View Your Conversions and Statistics on Your SML Site

Call Higher Images today to learn more about how our SML responsive sites can help your business and increase your sales.

How SEO Can Help Your Small Business

SEO and Your Small Business

Small businesses usually feel squeezed as they ramp up or try to grab a bigger piece of the customer pie. They’re often competing with larger businesses that have more money to spend on staffing, advertising, and product development.

If your small business uses a website and social media to sell your products or services, you’re already adopted a budget-friendly form of marketing and advertising that doesn’t require a storefront. If you use SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, as an additional resource, you can help level the playing field by increasing the web traffic that’s coming to your site and bring the right customers (people who want just what you sell) to your corner of the internet.

SEO Delivers Targeted Customers to Your Door

When you’re looking to buy something, where do you usually go? Most likely, you grab your phone or tablet, or maybe sit down at your computer, and start researching it online. Think about your most recent searches. Did you click on the results from the first page? You probably did. Did you move onto the next page? You probably didn’t. Most people stick with the 8-10 results that first show up on Google, Bing, or Yahoo. If you want to bring people to your website, you should be on the first page, as high up the page as possible.

SEO for Small Business

SEO’s Greatest Benefits for Small Businesses

You’ve likely Googled a product that you sell to see what company is ranking first, second, and third. Those companies are employing quality SEO practices, and they’re being rewarded with first-page results. High-quality SEO requires a myriad of tools plus experienced search engine optimization professionals to ensure that your rankings move up and stay there.

  • Higher Keyword Rankings. Researching and incorporating the right keywords into your site is crucial for any SEO program. You’ll know the terms that people are searching for when they are looking for a product like yours, or how products are described. The right keywords let Google know that your site has the information that potential customers are looking for, and Google will deliver them to your door.
  • Improved Site Usability. SEO isn’t only used to increase potential customers and sales. It also ensures that your site is user friendly. For instance, if your site is responsive (easy to view on mobile device), that will give your company better results. Sites with fresh, quality content—either regular page content or blogs—are also ranked more highly, and provide a better user experience that welcomes your visitors and keeps them coming back.
  • Better Website Optimization. What’s behind your site—how it’s built and what coding is used—is just as important as what your customers see on the front end. Each page of your site should be optimized for SEO. This involves deciding what the home page will focus on, what pages the navigation bar or menu will include, and what the URL format looks like.

Higher Images’ SEO department has helped thousands of small business create a foothold and then quickly climb up and over larger businesses using quality SEO practices. We’ll look at your current site (or build you a new site), review your competitors, and determine what keywords and content should be incorporated. Once your SEO program begins, we give you the tools that you need to track your rankings, and we schedule bi-monthly meetings with each SEO client to review results and talk about the direction of your business. Call or contact Higher Images’ SEO department today to increase your sales through search engine optimization.

Why Higher Images Should Produce Your Blog

Let us Write for You!

If you’d like to attract more potential customers to your website (and who wouldn’t?), you should develop, write, post and promote business-related blogs at least twice a month on your site and through your social media platforms. You may be asking: What’s the big deal about a blog? Your blog, and the content you put in it, is important, because it directly impacts your site: If your blog entries contain the right keywords, that will help your site show up higher in search engine rankings. Plus, more people will find your site, and you’ll have higher page rankings. Blogs really pack an SEO punch!

Why Are Blogs So Important for Your Business?

First and foremost, blogging is part of a smart SEO practice. It increases your SEO reach and drives customer traffic to your website. Those are often the reasons that attract business owners to become bloggers. However, blogging has other tangible benefits, too. It:

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94-year-old Spearheads ‘Here’s the Deal’ Mattress Fundraiser for Charity Organizations

At 94, Pittsburgh’s gregarious Seymour Farber is still knocking on doors. This week he launched the annual ‘Here’s the Deal’ mattress fundraiser, with American Buyer’s Discount Mattress in Homestead donating 10 percent of discounted mattress profits back to charity organizations.
“He’s been the face of this store for decades. People know him and love to talk with him. This keeps him in the business and gives him something to look forward to,” store owner Vincent Snyder said. Farber owned the business until retiring at age 87, a time when he was still coming to work six days a week and taking one off for Steeler games.

With nearly seven decades in the mattress business, he knows the industry well. His fundraising campaign includes perusing through the Mon Valley calling on churches, social agencies, assisted living facilities, and fraternal organizations. As part of the campaign, for referring members to the mattress store, the organization receives 10 percent cash back on the purchase price. The store guarantees it will beat any advertised price in the Pittsburgh area and is offering free delivery, setup, and removal.

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May 2015 Newsletter

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Moving Full Speed Ahead

Trends Emerging in the Digital Marketing Landscape


From Google’s unrelenting focus on content quality to the shift in today’s buying process, the digital marketing landscape continues changing fast. While it can be hard to keep up, the only other option is to get left behind. That’s why it’s important to keep a close eye on digital trends.
As technology continues to evolve, new trends are emerging almost daily. With the Internet moving full speed ahead, the digital marketingcommunity is getting saturated with solicitation calls from marketers claiming to to be the best. Many of our clients are averaging between three and five calls a day.
As a trend-setter and a Google partner, Higher Images is on the cutting-edge of today’s digital marketing frontier. We want you to know we value our clients as partners. Rest assured, we’re on top of the trends and we know what works. Feel free to call us at 412-203-1996 if you have questions about a solicitation, are looking for the most up-to-date information, or just looking for some innovative ideas.

Is your website ranking with Google?

Mobile-Friendly Update Rewards Responsive Websites

It used to be that a great-looking website was what you needed to attract visitors and get sales. Then, optimizing online searches with SEO became an instrumental part of your marketing strategy. If your company has kept up with all the changes in design and SEO, your website is getting traffic. What happens if you didn’t follow the trends?

Google’s new mobile ranking requirement for websites is underwayay. Sites that are mobile-friendly or responsive will start ranking higher than the others. If your website is providing
users with a great experience, then Google’s going to reward you with a boost in your mobile rankings. Great news, right? But what if you don’t have a responsive site? Higher Images is here to help. We’re experts in designing responsive, Google-friendly sites that look fantastic on a desktop, tablet, and phone. Call us today at 412-203-1996 to turn search engine users into customers.
We’re addicted to our phones! 
No Wonder Google’s Requiring Mobile-Friendly Websites
Wallet? Check. Keys? Check. Phone? Check. Our mobiles have become our trusty sidekicks, accompanying us anywhere and everywhere – kind of like a security blanket.

The statistics show we average 20.7 hours a week on our phones, or almost three hours a day. We average sending or receiving 47 texts every 48 hours and when it comes to scoping out our emails, 54 percent of us check them before going to bed and do the same when we wake up. It’s no wonder why Google is rewarding companies who have mobile-friendly website design! Check out this infographic to get a better sense of our mobile usage and see how our mobile addiction breaks down.

Boost your Website Traffic with Infographics

Explaining complex data, facts, and figures

Does the Internet have you wired from information overload? As more companies produce an ever-increasing amount of content across a broad spectrum of platforms, the attention of the audience is more divided than ever.

When you need to deliver as much information as possible in a concise format, high quality infographics can be an effective weapon in your marketing arsenal. A good infographic empowers the reader by breaking down complex information into digestible, visual chunks.
An advantage of infographics is they offer quick measurable results – such as social shares, backlinks, citations and traffic. It gives you a permanent linkable asset that retains relevancy and will continue getting shares long after it’s published on your website. If you haven’t used one of these in your content marketing strategy, consider giving it a try and see what it does to drive traffic. Call Higher Images for details on what type of infographic works best for your company 412-203-1996.

Reaching Customers with Content Marketing

Content marketing has been, and will likely continue as, one of the most effective tools for businesses of any size to drive brand awareness. As Google and other search engines continue to refine their algorithms, businesses need to quickly step up their game when it comes to quality content marketing. Are you doing what it takes to stand out from the competition? The keys include focusing on quality over quantity and creating opportunities to leverage data to improve your content marketing strategy.

Turn Website Visitors into Customers with Visitor ID


Do you want to find out who’s looking at your website? Higher Images’ Visitor ID instantly tracks your website visitors and immediately notifies you with their contact information. When someone visits your website, Visitor ID researches them in real time, gathers their information, and immediately emails it to you. It allows you to see the company name and profile, phone number, location, pages they are perusing and their social media use. Get a free two-week trial here.


Customers Trust Online Reviews 

Win More Business with Reputation Builder Plus 

It’s no secret the way consumers make decisions has changed. Companies of all sizes should be concerned about how they’re reviewed online – consumers take those reviews seriously. Higher Images’ Reputation Builder Plus is a proprietary platform that monitors, manages, and protects your reputation. It controls your online reviews and measures the results.

Our testimonial feeds are built to index well in Google and result in stars in Google search results. The program automatically links your positive reviews to your website, Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and more. Our automated email reports and alerts provide you with the information you need at the right time. Call Higher Images today to get set up 412-203-1996.

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