Why Higher Images Should Produce Your Blog

Let us Write for You!

If you’d like to attract more potential customers to your website (and who wouldn’t?), you should develop, write, post and promote business-related blogs at least twice a month on your site and through your social media platforms. You may be asking: What’s the big deal about a blog? Your blog, and the content you put in it, is important, because it directly impacts your site: If your blog entries contain the right keywords, that will help your site show up higher in search engine rankings. Plus, more people will find your site, and you’ll have higher page rankings. Blogs really pack an SEO punch!

Why Are Blogs So Important for Your Business?

First and foremost, blogging is part of a smart SEO practice. It increases your SEO reach and drives customer traffic to your website. Those are often the reasons that attract business owners to become bloggers. However, blogging has other tangible benefits, too. It:

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Author Announces Pre-sale of New Book Think More – React Less

New book unveils the secrets of why some people own the future and others get stuck in the past. Pittsburgh Author Samuel Lucci III cracks the code on why people do what they do.

Pittsburgh, PA (PRWEB) May 18, 2015

“I can tell you this with absolute certainty – the only problem you will ever have is believing your opinions to be true.” – Samuel J. Lucci III
Why do some people own the future and others get so stuck in the past? In his new book Think More – React Less™, Pittsburgh Author Samuel J. Lucci III unveils the secret and cracks the code on why we do what we do. The book débuts June 20, and is available now for a limited time offer of $10.95 plus shipping and handling – pre-order here.

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94-year-old Spearheads ‘Here’s the Deal’ Mattress Fundraiser for Charity Organizations

At 94, Pittsburgh’s gregarious Seymour Farber is still knocking on doors. This week he launched the annual ‘Here’s the Deal’ mattress fundraiser, with American Buyer’s Discount Mattress in Homestead donating 10 percent of discounted mattress profits back to charity organizations.
“He’s been the face of this store for decades. People know him and love to talk with him. This keeps him in the business and gives him something to look forward to,” store owner Vincent Snyder said. Farber owned the business until retiring at age 87, a time when he was still coming to work six days a week and taking one off for Steeler games.

With nearly seven decades in the mattress business, he knows the industry well. His fundraising campaign includes perusing through the Mon Valley calling on churches, social agencies, assisted living facilities, and fraternal organizations. As part of the campaign, for referring members to the mattress store, the organization receives 10 percent cash back on the purchase price. The store guarantees it will beat any advertised price in the Pittsburgh area and is offering free delivery, setup, and removal.

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The Web in 2015: Faster Browsing, Better Performance

Getting Better Performance and a Faster Browser

Most computer and website hardware and software goes through a series of updates—usually every few years, sometimes even a few times a year. You may be surprised to know that HTTP, the protocol used to run the World Wide Web and allows servers and Web browsers to talk to each other and upload and download data, hasn’t been updated since 1999. While HTTP 1.1 has served everyone well, it’s way past time for an upgrade.

HTTP/2, the successor, will benefit everyone. If you use the Internet a little bit or a lot, for your job or just for browsing, you’re going to start seeing a difference very soon. In fact, over the next year, you’ll see a significant change in the speed of web browsing—as much as a 40 percent increase. That’s less time waiting and more time for finding the information that you need online.

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Want to Rank Higher in Searches? Then You Need to Have Responsive Design!

The Benefits of a Responsive Design

It used to be that a great-looking website was what you needed to attract users and sales. Then, optimizing online searches through good SEO practices became an important part of every company’s online digital marketing strategy. If your company has kept up with all the changes in design and SEO, you’ve probably been pretty happy with the traffic that’s been coming to your website.

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Pittsburgh, PA, – Higher Images, Inc. will film a Google Virtual Tour of the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank on April 14 to help the organization with outreach efforts in educating the public on hunger. The company will be donating half of the tour cost directly back to the organization.

The Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank is a nonprofit distribution center dedicated to eliminating hunger. It serves about 360,000 people annually, including 76,000 children and 92,000 senior citizens in the Greater Pittsburgh area. Every month the facility, located in Duquesne, Pa, distributes nearly 2-million pounds of food.

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Striving Toward Excellence – Higher Images Applies for Nation’s Highest Presidential Honor

Baldrige Award

Higher Images is on a journey in an ongoing pursuit toward excellence. As a recent applicant for
The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, “the application process itself has provided a tremendous opportunity toward strategic planning to focus on continuous improvement across all areas,” President Bryan Thornberg said. The award is the highest level of national recognition for performance excellence that an organization can receive.

Over the past 15 years, Higher Images has built a marketing console that has put in place the processes, systems and accountabilities allowing for continual change with client data, digital data, and the efficiencies for sustainable operations. Over the past five years, we’ve worked toward continuous improvement in refining these areas.

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PITTSBURGH, February 27, 2015 – Digital marketing leader Higher Images, Inc. took its own image to higher levels today with the launching of its innovative website www.higherimages.com.

Over the past 15-years, the company’s award-winning digital team has been turning heads with websites it’s built for clients across the world. Specializing in designing and promoting responsive online images, the company’s integrated branding, design and marketing projects combine with its proprietary technologies to help clients bolster revenue.

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RECAP: 2014

Growth and new opportunities were the themes for Higher Images in 2014. The employees made very strong efforts in all departments to help the company succeed in numerous ways. From management opportunities to administration and sales, the individuals who gave it their all deserve to be recognized.

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