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A Day in the Life of a Higher Image Employee: Director of Search Engine Marketing Dave Withrow

Dave Withrow is Higher Images’ Director of Search Engine Marketing. As a long-time employee of the company (he’s been here since we set up shop!), Dave has been involved with Search Engine Marketing (SEM) during his entire tenure at Higher Images. These days, SEM is often called “paid search,” which means that a company pays for digital advertising in many forms, include Google, Bing, and Yahoo AdWords, display ads, and remarketing.

Dave is certified in Google AdWords, mobile and display advertising. He says, “I like helping small business owners and being in the role of a consultant who can teach them how to promote their business. When I manage AdWords campaigns, I analyze the data and make changes so that their campaigns work better. Then, I get to see the effect of the changes on the campaign performance. The changes are usually very positive. The other thing I like is to take over a campaign that has already been set up and is running. I can always find at least five things that I can change to make a big difference in the company’s return on investment.”

Dave’s typical day starts early, around 6:30 a.m. After checking email, he logs into Google to check on the advertising campaigns he’s running. That can take up a considerable part of his day, since he manages dozens of campaigns. He’ll set up new campaigns, analyze and optimize existing campaigns, and of course, meet with clients. He also sends out monthly reports to each customer, showing how the keywords and ads are performing, and how many calls and contact forms are being generated. He schedules meetings with each SEM client at least once a quarter, either in a web meeting or in person.

For the past 16 years, Dave has been here to guide our clients and make sure that they’re using their digital advertising dollars wisely. “Everyone at Higher Images is great to work with, and they are very professional. The company has a highly developed and well-organized management system that gives me the tools to do my job efficiently,” he says. If you have questions about starting an SEM campaign, give us a call at 412-203-1996 and ask to speak to Dave!

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