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Austin Roat is Higher Images’ front-end developer and IT specialist. That means that he builds new websites for our clients and resolves technical issues for them. If you’ve ever filled out a Higher Images tickets, chances are that it’s Austin who fixed the issue you were experiencing.

Austin has worked at Higher Images for more than four years. During high school, he took multimedia classes, and then decided to go to PTI (Pittsburgh Technical Institute) for Multimedia with a concentration of Web Design/Development. While at PTI, he interned at Higher Images. We thought he was pretty great, so we hired him full time.

Austin sees a lot of website issues, so he’s in problem-solving mode all day. “When I tackle these issues, it’s like a puzzle that I have solved hundreds of times, but I don’t quite know what pieces are out of place until I do a little digging. There’s a sense of accomplishment when you bring something that’s broken back to normal.”

Austin’s typical day is usually spent building websites, checking emails, writing notes, and figuring out how to fix website issues that crop up. There are processes that must be followed to ensure that everyone’s in the loop as a site is being built, and he is always checking items off his to-do list.

He says: “I like the people at Higher Images – both the other employees who I work with and the client who I interact with every day. There’s a friendly work environment here. And when I’m not working, I play Xbox One for fun. I’m also excited to be raising my son, Leland. He’s a pretty great baby.”

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