Bing and Yahoo Advertising

Choosing networks outside of Google, such as Bing and Yahoo, can be beneficial for both your business goals and your advertising budget. (Bing and Yahoo ad networks are partnered together and called Bing Ads, so what ads you see in Bing are also being shown on Yahoo.)

Advantages of Bing Ads


The cost per click (CPM) for Bing Ads is often much lower than Google, which allows businesses to generate a much greater return on their advertising investment. Google is the king of search engines and has a higher search volume, which means that the advertising it sells is very competitive. However, utilizing another ad network will allow your company to experiment with additional keywords and phrases that will generate a different return on your investment.

Like Google’s AdWords, campaigns in Bing and Yahoo can be targeted to languages, locations, day of the week, time of day, and remarketing. With Bing’s paid search options, you can also create more sophisticated campaigns that revolve around time zones, keywords, conversion tracking, and ad bidding.

Advertising on Bing and Yahoo

Advertising on Bing and Yahoo can also be a part of a larger online ad campaign using multiple paid ads on different platforms to get more coverage. Higher Images can design your paid ads on Bing and Google, and then track the results for you. With a more rounded campaign, you’ll be able to see your site traffic, conversion rate, and click-through rate, and then use that data for advertising and marketing decisions.

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