Community Magazines

Community Magazines and Regional Newspapers

Regional papers and community magazines have a highly targeted audience, so it’s good business to focus your advertising and marketing efforts on them to reach local customers who are close enough to come to your doors.

Traditional marketing and advertising work well, but forming partnerships with local print and online entities is even better to capture your local audience. That’s because the multiple touchpoints they provide allow you to expand your company’s branding efforts. More people will recognize your business name, see your products or services, and act upon the information you give them.

Gain New Customers Through Local Business Publications

When people respond, you can collect information for email marketing or a direct mail list and track and measure their digital activity.

Options for partnering with regional newspapers and community magazines through digital marketing integration include:

  • Adding a link to your ad to visit your website or a special landing page
  • Including a QR code that can be scanned and directs users to coupons
  • Putting a special on your website that links back to the advertising special placed in the paper.

Higher Images can help you form partnerships with community publications and regional newspapers in your area. Take advantage of the built-in audience they provide and reach new customers, too.

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