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A company brochure is a piece of print or digital marketing that delivers information and cements your brand. When properly produced and designed by a professional graphic designer, brochures are a useful marketing tool for both print and online markets.

A company brochure, manual, or catalog is a piece of print or digital marketing that is much more than a promotional tool—it also delivers important information and cements your brand if properly designed and written. Brochures are commonly designed around a graphic theme in bi-fold, tri-fold, and booklet style. Industries that often use company brochures include accountants, financial planners, lawyers, and hospitality.

Connect with Your Customers and Showcase Your Company

Full-color, professionally produced brochures are particularly effective for industries or businesses that need to explain complex or varied information using text, images, and graphics, such as:

  • Accounting firms
  • Financial planners
  • Legal offices and attorneys
  • Educational facilities
  • Healthcare and insurance groups
  • Non-profit businesses
  • Local businesses

Even companies

Even companies that have transferred their printed materials to online brochures and catalogs have found that it’s best to also have a printed touchpoint that can be placed in front of the customer and discussed. Printed materials solve customer problems, answer questions, and form the basis of client-business relationships. These materials, a part of your brand, contain recognizable, relevant content, design, and images. They also serve as a sign of legitimacy in a way that digital marketing cannot.

Many industries benefit from branding materials that contain engaging, professional content, design, and images. Your brochures can be designed as either print pieces or digital media that can be posted online and downloaded, so they can serve several different markets if designed for different audiences.

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