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Growth is a factor that Higher Images is always pursuing. Through its 13 years of existence, the team has grown significantly thanks to new hires and promotions.  Evan Daub and Tim Cope are two of our most recent individuals to experience this.

In the spring of this year, Evan Daub, at the time as student at Pittsburgh Technical Institute, came to Higher Images as one of two interns. During his time here as an intern, Evan demonstrated incredible potential and skill and was recently brought on staff as a full time Digital Design Specialist.  “Evan has really shown his talent and ambitions through his immediate fit with team and his dedication to the clients,” said Becky Scalise, Assistant to the Chief Operations Officer.

Also, during 2014, Tim Cope contributed to the growth of our company when he received the great news that he would be promoted from Front End Web Developer to Project Manager.  Tim does much of the same work he has always done; however, he does have the added responsibilities of managing the production team’s time, making sure the team stays focused, and ensuring that all assigned work reaches completion by the designated due dates.  Tim’s very successful management of the team has confirmed that the decision to promote him was definitely the right one. “Tim is really dedicated to making Production run smoothly, and he has brought a sense of order where it was needed,” said Scalise.

Congratulations to both Tim and Evan!

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