Content and Content Marketing

You may have heard that “content is king.” That’s because nearly 75% of businesses say that content marketing increases their sales department leads—and not only increases the leads, but improves the quality of those leads.

Content is critical

Content is critical to your marketing efforts. It works hand-in-hand with website design to create the brand that you want to present to the world. Content is all the words on your digital and print messaging: your brochures, website, social media, email marketing, digital newsletters, apps, and blogs articles. Businesses use content to describe their company, products, and philosophy. Content is your voice when you’re talking to customers and potential customers. Just like when you speak to customers in person, you should be carefully crafting your message to your online audience.

Content is also used as a part of a comprehensive SEO campaign to bring people to your site who are searching online for your products or services. It builds your audience and allows them to relate to you. If they like what they read—or watch—or hear—then they are much more likely to visit your site or buy from your store. Keeping your content fresh and relevant, while using the proper keywords, will be rewarded with higher search rankings.

Quality Content Offers Digital Marketing Leverage

Some businesses post content and then hope for the best. Much has changed about how content is sourced and used, however. It has to be crafted in order to offer your target audience what they’re seeking. Instead of selling products, content offers information and solves problems. Well-written content will not only answer potential customer questions and generate trust with your audience, it’ll also improve your search rankings in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Developing a content strategy produces results for your integrated marketing campaign, including SEO, public relations, advertising, and social media. Maybe you don’t consider yourself a writer, or you find that you don’t have enough time to create the content that you need to meet your business goals. Higher Images can help. Our writers can help you craft your message through website content, blog articles, press releases, company brochures, mobile apps, and more.

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