Coupon Advertising

Turning one-time customers into repeating, loyal customers is the reward that you gain for discounting certain products or services.

Coupon advertising has taken on new life in the world of digital marketing. Besides rewarding customers for loyalty, they provide your company with email addresses and give you an inside look at the shopping habits of thousands of clients. Coupons can be used on websites, sent to a targeted group of customers through email marketing, downloaded and scanned on a smart phone, integrated into your mobile app, or shared on Facebook.

Coupon Advertising Attracts New Customers

Coupons allow you to target certain audiences based on their buying habits, their location,their demographics, and the amount of money they have already spent on your products.

Once you’ve drawn their interest with coupons, they’ll go to your ecommerce site and browse. You can choose to discount only certain products, or offer a mass discount, such as 20% everything on your site. Some companies offer coupons on products or shipping when they see that a competitor is having a big sale.

Digital coupons also entice people to open targeted customer emails and print coupons that encourage them to use local businesses. Based upon the industry, coupon promotions can make or break a business. Some customers won’t buy anything that’s full price, so discount codes and coupons are important incentives to use so that you can draw that first sale, and then you can plan on your customers’ return.

Social Media Coupons

Many businesses also offer coupons on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Facebook advertising allows you to target particular groups from their large stores of data, but the power of social media also assures that your coupons will be shared organically, too.
Based on your business goals, Higher Images can help you set up a coupon advertising campaign that targets your audience while building your brand.

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