Digital Advertising

2020 was the most competitive year for media spending in over a decade!

The global village is now within reach for every type and size of business. In fact, U.S. businesses have spent nearly $50 billion per year to attract online customers. From mega-company media tools to small business saviors, digital advertising has become the focus of many businesses looking to either increase their digital dollar spending or transfer traditional print or outdoor advertising to online channels.

Traditional Vs. Digital Advertising

The primary difference that digital advertising offers over traditional media is that all results can be tracked and measured. This includes click-through rates, traffic, phone call tracking, and many other conversion points. Another benefit of digital advertising is that it boosts your SEO, offering another way to increase rankings and gain additional traffic to a business’ website.

Over the last 20 years, there has been a shift in the advertising world from traditional print media to online digital media. It is critical in today’s market to measure your marketing’s effectiveness and has strategies in place that will capture customer’s attention and attract more revenue.

Using our in-house software system

Using our in-house software system, Digital HI, Higher Images can measure and track visits, conversion points, traffic patterns, behavior patterns, and more. More importantly, our staff understands your clients’ online behavior and buying patterns, which is crucial to measuring success and gauging your campaigns’ ROI.

Higher Images’ online advertising tools include:

With nearly $60 billion a year being generated in digital advertising revenue, you can start a campaign to lift your revenue, too. Higher Images can help.

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