Display Advertising

Display ads, commonly found stretching across the top of a website or as a box-like shape on the right-hand of the page, are colorful and noticeable. They help you cement your brand, in addition to providing a direct path to your product or site. Most display ads contain images, pictures, and content, and some are interactive, with animation and video, to increase click-through rates.

For businesses that have budgeted a certain amount for online advertising, display marketing can be very effective. On average, the cost per impression is less than a penny. Display ads are an inexpensive way to build your brand’s image or gain online traffic for your business and products.

Cost-effective Online Advertising

Display ads can be used alone or go hand-in-hand with a current online or traditional advertising campaign. Integrating these ads with a concurrent campaign, including billboards, magazine ads, and print media, can entice your customers to click on your display ad, delivering them right to your website and products. Your targeted audience will see your name and message every day.

Higher Images can track the effectiveness of display ads by monitoring the click-through rate, the number of searches performed on Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and the amount of direct website traffic.

Display Ads and Remarketing

In addition to the cost effectiveness of these ad campaigns, you can use remarketing campaigns with display ads that allow you to stay in front of your client while they are browsing websites and social media. Remarketing offers a much higher conversion rate to bring people back to your site to buy your products or share your information, and can increase conversions by up to 50% in ad campaigns, as well as build customer branding loyalty.

If you are trying to build, establish, or strengthen your brand, consider display advertising. It fits into most companies’ marketing budgets and delivers results that can help your business goals.

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