Facebook Advertising

Every day, more than 1.7 billion people around the world are accessing this monster social media platform. With such a large audience, Facebook offers cost-effective customized advertising options for businesses that want to reach current and potential desktop and mobile customers.

Social Approach to Advertising

Facebook’s advertising approach revolves around social engagement. Once your business’ online presence is set through your Facebook business page, you can start posting news and interacting with those who have liked your page and who may want to buy your products. You may find that while you have many people who have liked your page, only a small percentage may be seeing your posts organically (that is, your news is not showing up their news feed). Facebook allows you to advertise that so most of all of your business page fans see your news, as well as any audience that you define, which skyrockets your engagement with potential customers, brings traffic and leads to your site, and generates revenue.

Facebook’s Data Generates Leads

When people establish their Facebook account, they can choose to provide information to create their profile. This information may then be used to target likely customers for your business. For example, age, gender, location, marital status, number and ages of children, education details, work history, life events, interests, behaviors, and much more can be mined from Facebook’s vast amounts of data, enabling you to reach very specific markets and to focus on different groups of people who will see and then react to your ad.

Facebook Advertising features several resources that use your existing customers’ profiles to create Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audience feature, both which can boost your sales. Additionally, Facebook has tracking features that detail number of customer conversions you received and how many times they visited your webpage.

Reaching Your Target Audiences through Social Media

While many businesses can benefit from Facebook ads, creating an effective strategy and determining your budget can be time consuming and involve a lot of trial and error. It’s best to use a social media specialist like Higher Images to help you engage customers, generate interest in your services and products, and then measure your results.

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