With 1.7 billion users accessing an active Facebook account, and 1.1 billion people using Facebook every day, this platform is the largest and most active social media platform in existence in the United States. It’s also likely to be the easiest way of reaching your target audience through social media. In fact, within a few years, it’s estimated that nearly 170 million people in the United States will be using Facebook—out of a total population of 320 million. Your business should be on Facebook to tap into such a multifaceted audience!

Facebook Increases Your Leads and Revenue

Businesses have been using Facebook to communicate with their audience, and it’s a smart strategy. More than 50 million businesses have Facebook pages that they post to at least once a week. Active users are on Facebook nearly 15 times every day, and as they check in with friends, they also see your company’s posts, which can include content, images, and videos.

Facebook gives business owners the opportunity to:

  • Communicate directly with customers about products, services, and special offers
  • Establish and build their brand
  • Create loyal customers who trust the company and products
  • Respond to questions and address complaints
  • Target customers through paid advertising that reaches specific groups
  • Engage customers through Facebook’s mobile app

Your Facebook Business Page Connects You to Your Audience

Your business page is your Facebook hub. From here, people can find you, like your page, receive timely updates, and look at your products. In return, you and your company can connect with your customers and potential customers as they see what your business is all about. Facebook offers 24/7 customer interaction and lets users see your business as it is, whether it’s a family-run company, a small business of one, or a larger presence. Facebook’s features allow you to post to your business page, share your page, create and join groups that are targeted to the people you want to reach, and customize your page by using apps that do everything from creating an email capture form to displaying an ecommerce hub.

Measuring Your Facebook Interaction

Facebook’s analytics and page insights allow you to see who likes your business page, what posts they engage with, the reach of your posts, how many times your posts were shared, how someone found your page, and even their demographics information. Having this much data in one place lets you adjust what you’re posting to further engage your customers and Facebook fans.

Facebook continues to introduce new products, such as live video and new ad options for retailers that can help you reach more customers, increase leads, and achieve your business goals. Higher Images is ready to help.

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