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Google AdWords, paid online advertising that reaches the millions of Google users who search for products every day, delivers a targeted audience right to your site, increasing your leads and revenue. In fact, companies average around $3 in revenue for every $1.60 they spend using AdWords. When people are ready to buy, Ad Words can deliver them directly to your products.

Google AdWords Delivers Buyers and Local Customers Right to Your Site

Google AdWords is an effective “paid search” advertising platform that delivers new customers to your site, increasing both your site traffic and your sales. When potential customers enter search terms in Google that match terms that you have set in AdWords, your ad pops up at the top or bottom of the search page, offering a link right to your ecommerce site or website.

AdWords is a flexible advertising tool for businesses. It can target people who are looking for certain products or services, but it also can focus on customers by their location, income level, and whether they are searching on a desktop or a mobile device, and your AdWord campaign can be turned on or off to promote special events or sales. This precise targeting gives you a better ROI and a specific data about who your online customers are.

Measurable Results and Real-time Reporting

When running an AdWords campaign with Google, the first step is to make sure that the website is properly designed and built so that it’s prepared for an effective digital marketing campaign. You’ll be rewarded with a lower cost per click and higher rankings.

You can benefit from high click-through rates and greatly improve your results by choosing the right keywords, and wisely allocate your advertising dollars through cost-per-click bidding, determining how much you want to spend each day.

Since Higher Images’ Google AdWords professionals track your campaign’s effectiveness using Google Analytics, you can see real-time increases in traffic, page views, and conversion rates to ensure you’re getting the proper return on your AdWords investment.

Higher Images paid search staff has earned AdWords certifications to ensure that we are running your AdWords campaign effectively and can help you with targeting, keyword choice, and budget allocation. Our experience in paid search has taught us what keywords to buy for your campaign and what words to avoid that don’t produce the results you want. We’ll also test ads for you so that you’re getting the best possible return on the money you’re spending.

We understand how an inbound marketing campaign with Google will help your business grow by bringing targeted customers right to your products.

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