Coronavirus (COVID-19) Survival Guide

Employers Resources

Many local businesses will be needing assistance during this time as businesses are forced to close during the outbreak. Our team at Higher Images has assembled a useful set of links for your business for you to use. 

The Small Business Association

Small Business Association (SBA) has a lot of great links and information regarding handling the outbreak and provides guidance for employers as well as assistance for employers. Here are their most relevant links:

The US Chamber of Congress

The US chamber of congress has a lot of information and assistance programs available to small business owners as well. Here are some relevant links to their site. 


Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania Assistance:

In addition to National Guidance both our Pittsburgh and PA governments have resources for your business for handling the coronavirus Locally:

COVID-19 Tracking Data

Track the most recent data of the pandemic here.

Pennsylvania data only is contained here.

Finally, If you need any assistance with your marketing or need to update your customers about your business practices during the state of emergency, please contact Higher Images at 412-203-1996. Our offices will remain (Virtually) open during the state of emergency and we can help your business adjust to the current realities brought on by COVID-19. 

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