So much Online Marketing; So little Internet Advertising

I have layed off the blog for about a month. I am trying to find a voice or topic, that I feel hasn’t be over blogged. There are many aspects of online marketing and internet advertising that could use some time off (i.e. PPC, SEO, Link building etc..).

In the year 2008 we should see lots of cool new “emerging technologies”. I am going to find 1 topic and stick to it for the entire year (yeah right).

So, I will be polling clients colleagues and interns to find out what topic we need to fous on for 2008.

Morgan Cushey

Morgan Cushey

Content Writer at Higher Images Inc
Morgan Cushey writes SEO articles for clients who want to enhance their online authority and see their Google Rankings rise. She has written entertaining and informative SEO-focused articles across a wide range of industries, from dentistry and landscaping to tourism and pest control, giving her a comprehensive knowledge on a variety of subjects. Morgan has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism with a minor in political science from California University of Pennsylvania. She has been a lifelong writer and has extensive experience in many styles of writing, from SEO-focused articles and PR to non-fiction and feature news articles written for local newspapers. Morgan lives in Monongahela, PA, with her fiancé Aaron, where she spends her free time reading or snuggling with her two dogs, Biscuit and Ellie.
Morgan Cushey

January 14, 2008
By: Morgan Cushey