Link Building

Link building, which is getting outside sites link to pages on your own site, is a critical part of the search engine ranking factors that determine how high your site and your site’s pages are ranked during a search on Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

Your site’s link profile must contain quality, inbound links. Think of it as a popularity contest that’s judged by Google. Google and other search engines’ rankings are determined through algorithms. These algorithms search every site and page, and then determine how your site should be ranked in searches. The more links that point to your page, the more popular your site is determined to be by Google, which means your site will rank higher in searches, and you’ll receive more traffic. It’s a simple but effective concept that helps Google determine how important your website is.

Quality Links Improve Search Rankings

The more varied your link profile is, the better your results will be. To build your profile through both volume and quality, Higher Images suggests steps like creating engaging content that other people and relevant websites will link to, such as newsworthy blogs, or obtaining great product reviews that will link back to your site.

Link building is a complex, time-consuming process, but is necessary in any SEO program to get great results and high search engine rankings. Higher Images will optimize the link building process to improve search results for your company as a part of your overall SEO strategy. This is just one way we can help you increase your website traffic, leads, and sales, so let’s get started.

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