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In my never ending quest for the newest and best technologies, I recently uncovered Making Law Easy. At first glance Making Law Easy, has all the trimmings of your out-of-the box attorney services. They offer many of the conventional services that all other firms offer, but with a twist. Making Law Easy, has cut thru the red tape and hurdles associated with meeting and talking to attorney’s. Another component to the experience is the amount of information provided. There are a number of audio clips (pod-casts) available, that speak to you on any and all topics.

Making Law Easy, has finally married two arch nemisis’, Law and Technology, forming a virtual law firm. This marriage is the brain child of Delta Law Group. There are many questions that come to mind when I say “virtual law firm”.(I think of GoTo Meeting’s ,with my attorney that never really resulted in more than a faceless chat line).

How would I know that the attorney I connected to was even an attorney and not just a customer service rep manning inbound calls?

What if all this audio and video was just smoke and mirrors trying to swindle me out of my money?

Well, let me be the first to vouch for the authenticity of the services and information provided, I met with the catalyst behind this idea (he will remain anonymous), and was given the first class tour of the site, now, and a vision of the future.

We all know the complexities associated with working with attorney’s, they never are in their office, they very rarely have time to talk let alone meet and finally they nickel and dime-ing for services “we the consumer” never understand. With that said you now begin to see the beauty of Making Law Easy.

A combination of informative tutorials and one-on-one virtual attorney meeting’s, can and will change the perception of conventional lawyers, and save time and money for both parties. A paradigm shift is about to occur and “old school” law done in back rooms and over tee times, will now be done in instant messages and VoIp meetings. Some will fight this change but many will embrace it. The next time you find yourself in need of legal help look ni further than and sample law in the 22nd century.

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