Media Coverage

Media coverage includes broad-based coverage, including newspapers, magazines, TV, and radio. Most PR programs are centered around media coverage, for several reasons. First, the more the media writes, talks about, or shares your news, the more people will see it, learn about it, and take the actions that you want them to take. Furthermore, media coverage provides legitimacy to businesses, whether they are large or small, newly minted or have been serving customers for generations.
The added value in this coverage is that it can also be found in viral videos, Facebook posts, and Twitter feeds, giving a targeted audience member the power to help you establish or strengthen your company and its brand. Magazine, TV, and radio marketing is only the beginning.

Planning for Positive Coverage

The Higher Images public relations department works to provide positive media coverage for companies in several ways:

  • Writing and distributing targeted press releases to local, regional, and national outlets
  • Crafting feature stories for websites, blogs, and industry magazines
  • Writing letters to the editor and opinion pieces
  • Securing TV, radio, online, and print interviews
  • Securing guest spots for business owners on news and community shows

Placed coverage, or coverage that is usually paid for, is also a part of the positive coverage businesses can generate.

Creating a Strategy and Monitoring Coverage

Your media coverage strategy will depend on your business goals, budget, and audience. Reasons for garnering media coverage may include bringing more foot traffic into your store, announcing a sale, contest, grand opening; a new product release; becoming a charity partner, or hiring a new employee.

Media coverage has the added bonus of generating better SEO for your business. Higher Images can track and measure coverage through news reports and see how it translates to website traffic, conversions, and online purchases.

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