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I have been writing alot about online reviews. Mick’s Dodge is a Pittsburgh auto dealer experiencing some hardcore review bashing. I recently sat down with a rep from the dealership to discuss their online presence and was blown away, when the top SERP’s were all negative reviews coming from multiple sites.

Upon further review we found that most of these reviews came from reviewers with multiple reviews given. This is what I have been trying to thwart, high ranking negative reviews.

Let’s say that some of these reviews are from legitimate patrons, how would we know? There is no way to find out if the feedback is justified. Now the business owner is faced with a tough position, respond or retaliate. I personally would chose the ladder.

So, with that said This article about Mick’s Dodge in Pittsburgh, will be my shot across the serp’s bow. Due to lack of presence Google was only able to find articles about he dealership not their official website. There are other results from affiliate auto dealer sites but the most prominent on Yahoo and Google are the bad reviews.

In conclusion, Mick’s Dodge in Pittsburgh, will wait and see if taking up room on the first serp’s page with articles and news from themselves as well as their manufacturer will eject those negative reviews from the front page.

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