Adjusting Your Marketing to Recover in a COVID-19 Economy

October 23, 2020 By Bryan Thornberg | POSTED IN Newsletter

It is no secret that COVID-19 has put major stress on the economy. From difficulties with air travel to major entertainment and sporting events being canceled, many industries have been affected, big and small.  FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterest

Virtual Marketing Officer – Are you ready for one?

By Digital HI Technology | POSTED IN Newsletter

Whether you need direction on developing a marketing strategy or want to refresh your company brand, working with a virtual marketing officer can help you accomplish that and more! FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterest

ADA Compliance: What it Means for Your Business

By Bryan Thornberg | POSTED IN Newsletter

There is currently accessibility legislation and guidelines that business owners should follow to make their websites accessible to people with disabilities. It is crucial for business owners to understand the technical side of making their website accessible and understand the ethical reasoning behind it. FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterest

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Scams, Phishing Schemes and More!

March 19, 2020 By Craig Hodgkins CTO | POSTED IN Cornavirus (COVID-19)

  The coronavirus (COVID-19) has provided fuel for cyber criminals to prey upon the public’s concern about this global crisis. The scams are designed to trick people into sending money, to disclose personal information or to click on emails and websites that deliver computer malware onto your computer or network. These include: Impersonating a legitimate … Continue reading “Coronavirus (COVID-19) Scams, Phishing Schemes and More!”

Coronavirus Business Survival Guide

March 18, 2020 By Morgan Cushey | POSTED IN Cornavirus (COVID-19)

As the world has hit the metaphorical panic button during the rise of Coronavirus (Covid-19) cases worldwide, the daily reality for people and businesses is rapidly changing. Practically overnight, businesses have been forced out of the comfort zone of face-to-face contact, now having to heavily rely on digital platforms. Businesses, especially, are struggling with figuring … Continue reading “Coronavirus Business Survival Guide”

6 Signs That it is Time to Redesign Your Website

March 4, 2020 By Digital HI Technology | POSTED IN Website Designs

Is your website more than five years old? Does it look outdated? Is it not delivering the traffic and leads that you expect? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to start thinking about redesigning your website. FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterest

Get Started with WebTracker™ Today!

September 16, 2019 By Craig Hodgkins CTO | POSTED IN Website Marketing

Are you looking for a game-changer to boost your marketing plan? Tired of feeling like you’re wasting your advertising budget on ineffective ads? Then look no further. FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterest

SSL – Why You Have to Have One in This Day and Age

By Craig Hodgkins CTO | POSTED IN Internet Security

With a variety of threats out there from hackers, phishing schemes, and other cyber threats, your information is at risk of being corrupted, stolen, or lost. FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterest

Introducing Ground Control: Marketing Automation for Small Business

May 2, 2019 By Alex Rutkowski | POSTED IN Newsletter

higher images serp

Higher Images Inc. is excited to introduce a new marketing product called Ground Control. This revolutionary product is designed to provide business owners and sales managers with the tools they need to identify and engage leads, turn conversations into conversions, and stay connected with prospective clients throughout their buying process. FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterest

5 Tips for Improving Your Conversion Rate

By Dan Harmon | POSTED IN Website Marketing

As a business owner, driving traffic to your site is only half the battle when it comes to effective online marketing. One of the major challenges business owners struggle with is that they can get people to visit their site, but they can’t get them to stay. FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterest

What to Expect – The Higher Images Website Design Process

February 7, 2019 By Josh Larson | POSTED IN News

When you choose to design your website with Higher Images, you can expect an effective website design process that gets the job done efficiently for both small and large companies. At Higher Images, we firmly believe that your website design can make or break your sales, so we have designed and refined a website process … Continue reading “What to Expect – The Higher Images Website Design Process”

What is STORM and why is it the perfect fit for my business?

By Alex Rutkowski | POSTED IN News

STORM is an SEO program designed by Higher Images to help clients drive website traffic, increase sales, build their brand and track their rankings. This program provides businesses with a marketing strategy to help them achieve their goals and make an impact on their brand reputation and sales. STORM: More than Just Your Average SEO … Continue reading “What is STORM and why is it the perfect fit for my business?”

What to Expect – Higher Images Local SEO

By Gina Thornberg | POSTED IN News

Using our cutting-edge Digital HI Technology, we have mastered the art of driving organic traffic to our clients’ sites, giving them the competitive edge they need to succeed against the local competition. Business owners that rely on local customers to drive sales can take advantage of our Local SEO program to help increase their local … Continue reading “What to Expect – Higher Images Local SEO”

The 5 Largest Changes to Digital Marketing in 2018 – What Every Small Business Should Be Aware Of.

October 25, 2018 By Morgan Cushey | POSTED IN Industry Secrets

The landscape of marketing your business online changes nearly every single day – some days more than others. Staying up to date with every single change made on every single platform is expecting a bit too much, but here are the big changes that you need to be paying attention to if you want to … Continue reading “The 5 Largest Changes to Digital Marketing in 2018 – What Every Small Business Should Be Aware Of.”