Commitment to Content Marketing Increasing Exponentially

Content Marketing

In a rapidly evolving industry, content marketing is here to stay. The newest research findings by The Content Council predict exponential growth over the coming two years with an acceleration on the value of measuring results.

The Content Council’s 2015 survey, conducted in conjunction with Advertising Age, touts the importance and challenges of producing meaningful, measurable content in a fragmented digital media world. The Council is the leading non-profit organization for content marketing in North America.

Content Marketing

The findings show communications executives’ commitment to content marketing has doubled in the past two years and is poised to double again over the next two. As commitment increases and content marketing becomes a mainstream tactic, it will continue to earn an increasing share of more and more marketing budgets.

While content marketing is a strong ingredient in effective modern marketing programs, it’s one that requires continuous adjustments given the evolving nature of the industry. Beyond its creation and production, content marketing requires multiple internal disciplines working together (technology, analytics and distribution).

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Morgan Cushey

Morgan Cushey

Content Writer at Higher Images Inc
Morgan Cushey writes SEO articles for clients who want to enhance their online authority and see their Google Rankings rise. She has written entertaining and informative SEO-focused articles across a wide range of industries, from dentistry and landscaping to tourism and pest control, giving her a comprehensive knowledge on a variety of subjects. Morgan has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism with a minor in political science from California University of Pennsylvania. She has been a lifelong writer and has extensive experience in many styles of writing, from SEO-focused articles and PR to non-fiction and feature news articles written for local newspapers. Morgan lives in Monongahela, PA, with her fiancé Aaron, where she spends her free time reading or snuggling with her two dogs, Biscuit and Ellie.
Morgan Cushey

June 17, 2015
By: Morgan Cushey