Do You Need an SSL Certificate to Ensure Your Website is Secure?


https://While you may not have heard about an SSL Certificate, you probably have seen it plenty of times: it’s when a URL starts with https instead of just http. That “s” on the end is important to the safety and security of your site. SSL Certificates are small data files that allow secure connections from a web server to a browser. It’s always there when a site uses credit cards, transfers data, or has a login. Now, it’s being implemented regardless of whether a site has a shopping cart. One of the reasons for that is because starting in July 2018, Google’s Chrome browser will start marking non-HTTPS sites as “not secure.” This could be a turn-off for potential customers that your business wants to attract! Read more about this change, and what Higher Images can do to ensure your site has an SSL certificate, in this security article from our Chief Technology Officer, Craig Hodgkins.
Craig Hodgkins CTO

Craig Hodgkins CTO

Chief Technology Officer at Higher Images Inc
Craig Hodgkins is the Chief Technology Officer at Higher Images, Inc. Craig is considered a true pioneer in this ever-changing digital technology field. He has been with the company since its inception in 2000, and is accountable for our successful technologies. He is accountable for everything from SEO, Reputation Management, Local Search, and SMLs, to application development, product development, and website development.
Craig Hodgkins CTO

August 3, 2018
By: Craig Hodgkins CTO