The 5 Largest Changes to Digital Marketing in 2018 – What Every Small Business Should Be Aware Of.

The landscape of marketing your business online changes nearly every single day – some days more than others. Staying up to date with every single change made on every single platform is expecting a bit too much, but here are the big changes that you need to be paying attention to if you want to be found online. 

1. Descriptions, Services added to Google Business Listings

Digital MarketingThis April update is the most significant addition to the knowledge graph since they added reviews several years ago. now we are able to mention specific keywords and services that we provide in our listing. As of now, google is not using it as a rating factor, but I feel that this data will be used once a critical mass of users have updated their information.

In July Google added a product/services menu to all listings. This only appears on mobile versions of your google business listing. again, it has not been used for much as of yet, but the relevant information about your business makes it ripe to be used/leveraged by google in the very near future. I would make sure that both of these are filled out completely and relevantly as possible.

2. Google Chrome now labels sites without SSL as “Not Secure” 


SSLs for websitesThis was a long known update that was planned for several months. This July google chrome now displays sites with unencrypted connections as “Not Secure”. This update could cause some of your potential clients to prematurely leave your site for fear that their data could be in jeopardy. To avoid this, install a SSL onto your site. Higher Images can usually make this upgrade in a few hours. Contact your sales representative or click here to schedule your SSL upgrade

3. Mobile First indexing of sites 

Prior to March of 2018 your website rank was determined by how you showed up on a desktop computer. Now google has updated it’s algorithm to use the mobile version of it’s website to index it’s pages and to display structured data on the search results. 

Obviously if your website is not responsive or built for mobile, this will affect the overall visibilty of your site and as a result bring less traffic to your website. If you are not sure if your site passes the test for mobile first, test your website here (LINK). If your site is not mobile friendly we can either upgrade or completely redesign your site to get your site in compliance. contact your sales representative or request an upgrade here. (LINK) 

4. The rise of voice search 

voice searchVoice search is slightly different from traditional search in that it is slightly more conversational. On a search engine, you might type “Roof Repair Pittsburgh” whereas a voice search might be “Alexa, please find me someone to fix my leaky roof”. While it has not taken over the market, it is important to keep it in mind while creating your site for the future. Certain industries like those where people are driving in their car when searching for you need to think about it more than others. 

5. Facebook’s Meaningful Interactions Algorithm Update 

After all the hub-bub with the 2016 election, facebook was tasked with showing more and more information that is meaningful to the end user and less likely to be clickbait. This means that going forward you will need to post content that will not only be seen by your clients but are more likely to cause them to reply  or react to your post. A good way to do this is to ask questions in the post or to seek approval from your audience. A good question is even likely to spark up a good conversation amongst your followers. 

Another interesting idea is to look into starting a business specific fan group and personally interact with it as well as your business page. Social media converts slightly differently than traditional search marketing but ultimately it still results in increased impressions which will bring additional traffic and sales to your business. 

As we go into the next decade of search, one thing is certain, there will be more change and even quicker evolution of technology than we have experienced in the last decade. as such it is imperative to stay on top of the most important trends in digital marketing. Working with digital consultants such as the ones at Higher Images will ensure that you stay ahead of the trends that matter. If it has been a little while since you have talked to one of our consultants, request an appointment now. 

October 25, 2018
By: Morgan Cushey
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