Paid Search

PPC Marketing Pittsburgh

One of the best investments you can make in your advertising is PPC or Pay-per-click. Paid search marketing is an effective advertising strategy that creates a direct channel to connect with the people who are searching for your service or products and drive them to your site. We can help you target potential customers effectively using a combination of our PPC marketing and SEO services.

We have found that 50% of users who visit a retail site by clicking on a paid ad are more likely to purchase your products than users who plugged a few terms into a search engine.



Leverage Control Over Your Marketing Performance

With paid search, you can reach your target customer base using multiple dimensions such as the device the customer is using, what time they are using it, and where they are located. This provides you with more control over who you are targeting.

Take Control of Who Finds Your Site

Even with our expert SEO, you may end up ranking for keywords that you were not targeting. With our expertise in paid search platforms such as Google Ads, we can help you gain more control over your ad copy and help you more accurately target your ideal buyers in their various stages within the marketing funnel.


Only Pay When They Click

With PPC Marketing, your ad can capture thousands of impressions, but you only must pay when someone clicks on the ad. This allows some people to see your company name and important information, which provides your company with exposure and recognition, but you will only end up paying if this user clicks on the ad to visit your webpage.

Take Your Marketing Beyond Paid Search

In addition to our effective PPC Marketing strategies, we also provide a range of other digital marketing services that work seamlessly with your paid search to create an effective marketing strategy. Contact us today to get started!