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Administrative Assistant

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You will be in charge of day-to-day operations at an administrative level and provide high-level customer service to clients. This position requires professionalism, reliability, and organization, plus excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Duties include answering phones, performing general office duties such as filing, processing outgoing mail, and entering technical support requests on behalf of clients. … Continue reading “Administrative Assistant”

Administrative Support

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As support staff, you will handle clerical duties, answering phones, use the office filing system, and maintain office policies and processes. You’ll work closely with clients providing top-notch customer support and also serve as a liaison between staff and clients. This position supports both the administrative assistant and the Chief Operating Officer by working closely … Continue reading “Administrative Support”


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Knowledge of billing procedures, attention to detail, and communication skills are key. You will be working with customers every day to discuss payments, so you have to be a people person as well as a numbers person. FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterest

Human Resources

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You will implement Higher Images’ human resources programs, including interviews, exit interviews, on-boarding, and training and development. Your duties include administering benefits and compensation plans, recruiting new hires, and supporting employees with issues related to employment and compensation. You will develop human resources policies in accordance with the vision of the company, as developed by … Continue reading “Human Resources”