Social Media Management

Stats: Facebook, the King of social media, has 1.7 billion active users. Instagram has 500 million regular users. Twitter? Try 313 million users. Google+ has 350 million on its platform, and LinkedIn boasts 225 million active users. If you choose to go where your audience is, all of those roads will lead to some kind of social media.

We often talk to business owners who tell us that they don’t use social media or have an account that they haven’t used in several years. They know how important it is to have a social media campaign that complements their digital and in-person business, but don’t have the time or the know-how to implement it.

That’s where Higher Images can help.

Start a Conversation

Boosting and managing your social media channels is crucial to your business model. First, it allows you to interact with customers who you may never have to the chance to “meet” otherwise. For example, if someone buys your product, snaps a picture of it, and shares it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with her friends, she’ll probably pique her friends’ interest. From there, she can tag your business and direct them to your website.

Nowadays, buying and using a product is an experience that can be shared. In fact, 8 out of 10 people are influenced by their friends’ opinion of products and services, and nearly 75% of consumers use social media as the deciding factor for their purchases. Harnessing that power is what social media management is all about, but it can be a double-edged sword since users can communicate both their happiness and their displeasure.

While we know that there is an undeniable connection between social media and consumer purchasing decisions, we also know that savvy audiences don’t want products forced upon them.

Create a Dialogue with Customers

Social media management is an integral part of your marketing and customer relations plan. A social media manager will:

  • Monitor customer service complaints or accolades received over social media channels. People expect quick responses and resolutions.
  • Build brand loyalty by talking to customers who mention your product on any social media channel.
  • Curate and create content to share that will educate, amuse, or otherwise engage your audience. Content includes text, infographics, and video.
  • Update your social media profile so that you are promoting your company, its products, or any news that you’d like to share.

Track and measure your results so that you can see if your audience is heading to your website and buying your products. You should also check for conversion points, such as seeing how many people head to your contact us page or look at your featured product.

Without a consistent social media plan, you risk losing – or worse, alienating – your customers. With an effective plan, you’ll grow your customer base and increase sales. As social continues to evolve, you’re going to need a trusted partner by your side to navigate social media management and integration. Call Higher Images today and let’s talk about how we can help.