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South Hills – Mon Valley Messenger and Higher Images Announce Partnership to Enhance News and Advertising Media.

New digital and mobile products will allow for citizen-generated content, information sharing, and additional advertising opportunities.

Bridgeville, PA – The South Hills – Mon Valley Messenger has announced a new partnership that will enhance the reader experience and open up new opportunities for advertisers through some of the latest technology offered in the digital world.

Haniford Enterprises, LLC has partnered with Higher Images, Inc., a digital marketing firm based in Bridgeville, Pa., to help integrate their newspaper with new digital and mobile products that will provide more reader engagement opportunities, and offer area businesses unique ways to communicate with customers.

“This will help set our newspaper apart,” said Doug Haniford, owner and publisher of the South Hills – Mon Valley Messenger. “Our partnership with Higher Images has generated a lot of enthusiasm within the company, and we have been developing some really cool ideas and solutions that our readers will enjoy and our advertisers will benefit from.”

The partnership between the two South Hills, PA-based companies will provide readers and advertisers with unique opportunities to better engage with one another through traditional print media, but also in real time through digital, mobile, and social media applications.

Bryan Thornberg, President and CEO of Higher Images, said the partnership is a great fit. “It is an exciting opportunity to be part of such a groundbreaking launch that allows the two worlds to live together and communicate in real time so that people of all ages are engaged in their communities and can share in the local news, no matter what medium they choose,” said Thornberg.

One of those mediums Thornberg has in mind is a new Mobile Messenger APP. The new APP will provide access to the South Hills – Mon Valley Messenger anytime, anywhere through a mobile device or computer, offering readers local news and information as well as discounts and special offers from local businesses.

In addition, users of the new APP will also be able to play a key role in sharing and contributing to the news. Thornberg says the Instant Reporter function on the APP will give area residents the ability to upload and submit their own photos and videos of events they see and report it on their own through the APP on their mobile device. “Instead of someone stopping to take a cellphone photo of a house fire or a video at a community festival or little league baseball game and texting it to 10 of their friends with a comment, this information can now become a local news item and be shared with tens of thousands of Messenger readers with just the click of a button,” he added.

This exchange of information is a growing trend in mass media in what Haniford refers to as “citizen journalism.”

“What we will be offering is the ability for private individuals to play an active role in the process of collecting, reporting, and disseminating local news and information,” said Haniford. “Who’s better suited to report on what’s happening in the community than the very people who live and work here?” he added.

Citizen-generated content, news gathering, and information sharing will not only keep Messenger readers up to date with more local news, but it also encourages community involvement and participation. Haniford believes that when people can help with providing the news and not just consuming the news, they become more engaged, feel more involved, and will be more vested in what’s happening in their community.

“Much of the Messenger’s content is already driven by the general public through announcements, press releases, public notices and events,” said Haniford. “Now, we are simplifying the process for the public to submit photos, videos, and other information.” He added, “We want the Messenger to be a true reflection of what matters most to our readers. We exist for their benefit and want to promote and share the news that matters most to them. We are their community newspaper!”

Both Haniford and Thornberg believe that these new technologies are a “win-win” for both readers and advertisers.

“We are the only newspaper in the area that is putting together real, cutting edge, integrated solutions like this,” said Haniford. “Messenger readers will be more engaged with the news as both a consumer and a contributor, and local businesses will now have unique opportunities to advertise their services and communicate with our readers through a variety of different channels.”

Thornberg says that the new products and solutions created from this partnership will provide opportunities to help keep area residents more engaged and interested in what’s happening in their communities. “By offering additional touch points across a variety of platforms such as print, mobile, digital, and social, the Messenger can easily connect readers and local advertisers with one another. And we can do this in a way that is collaborative and participatory, and makes everyone feel involved.”

If you are a current South Hills – Mon Valley Messenger advertiser and want to know more about how to integrate your current print ads with their new digital technology or if you are a local business who is interested in learning more, please contact Linda Jo Thornberg at or call 412-953-6992.

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