Trade Show Booth Design

If you represent your company at trade shows, you know how important a well-designed booth space can be. In addition to keeping your brand consistent on your booth, it must also accurately advertise the product or message you are trying to promote.

Questions to ask yourself

  • How long has your company been around? If your company is well known to trade show attendees, then your booth should reflect your brand. People will recognize you and then decide if they’ll stop by. If your company is young and relatively unknown, you may want to drum up excitement by showcasing a bold yet simple design.
  • What kind of traffic do you want to attract at your booth? Do you want to get noticed, interact with every person who walks by, or be sure that you’re able to hand out information to many people?
  • Are you trying to attract tech-savvy visitors? If so, use some great digital products to help get your message out, such as TV screens showing your products, a phone charging station, and free Wi-Fi.

Professional Booth Design Attracts Visitors

Trade show graphics presented in your booth must be approachable and friendly, while getting your point across quickly. At a large trade show, each visitor sometimes only has between 30 seconds to one minute to spend at each booth, so you should have a short elevator pitch prepared to draw in visitors. It’s also a good idea to include a leave behind or hand out with your company information if attendees don’t have much time to talk.

Higher Images works with you to ensure that your booth is exactly what you require for trade show displays. Your booth can be a big or as small as you need it, but the most important part is how your booth portrays your brand and company identity.We also have the resources necessary to get your last minute booth graphics printed withinanquick turnaround time.

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