Trade Shows

Each year, hundreds of thousands of trade shows or conventions are held, drawing millions of people. Trade shows are used to promote your company, products, or service by offering the opportunity to talk to your audience, whether it’s prospective customers or suppliers. They are unique as a marketing tool because they generate interest, create excitement, build brand awareness, and allow you to network in a relaxed environment with others in your industry. Of course, trade shows are all about products and services, so it’s important to know that 8 out of 10 people at trade shows are authorized to make purchases for their company.

Marketing Your Trade Show Using Public Relations

Planning and promoting a trade show, or attending as a vendor, involves an integrated strategy of marketing, advertising, and public relations. Media coverage is the goal for most companies both leading up to and then after the show, especially for annual trade shows who are trying to build an audience.

Each trade show has an overall

Each trade show has an overall, industry-specific theme, like commercial security, technology, B2B, or home improvement. Higher Images will help you develop a message for your trade show, and from there, you’ll set your goals for the show, including the amount and type of media coverage you want, the number of vendors you’d like to have at the show, and the attendees you want to attract. This involves crafting press releases that are distributed to traditional and digital media, creating press conferences, and even designing a trade show booth that will draw participants to listen to you.

Higher Images can help you effectively promote your trade show or trade show appearance.

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