Using just 140 characters to deliver online messages called tweets, Twitter packs a punch. This social media platform is used by more than 300 million people and creates a real-time view of the audiences around the world.

Promote Your Business Using Twitter

  • Keeping customers up to date with news and events. The short message format invites users to tweet quick updates, and in fact, live tweeting during events has become a favorite pastime for many of your potential customers.
  • Engaging with customers in real-time. Engaging your audience can mean anything from sharing news to responding to a compliment.
  • Searching for trends. Using the hashtag format (#), you can easily track what conversations are trending. #engageyouraudience
  • Communicating special offers. Reserve premium coupons and offers for your Twitter followers and then track the results to gauge interaction and conversions.
  • Sharing news through retweets. Retweeting is reposting or forwarding a tweet, and it’s often how news on Twitter goes viral within just minutes.
  • Cementing your brand’s image while attracting new demographics. Since Twitter users skew younger, you can use it to capture this audience while staying true to your brand.

Twitter is the easiest way

Twitter is the easiest way to start a conversation on social media. Companies successfully use this platform to provide top-notch customer service, respond to questions or complaints, and engage their followers. Utilized as part of an integrated social media approach, with Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn, Twitter gives you the opportunity to position yourself as the expert in your location and industry. Want to start capturing this audience? Then let’s get started.

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