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A management fee is a fee paid by a client for the management of their PPC campaigns. Our PPC experts work diligently to get the maximum results from your campaign by refining and improving your ad strategy day in and day out. { font-family: 'Open Sans', sans-serif; } { width: 100%; float: left; }, .wp-review-8507 .review-title, .wp-review-8507 .review-desc p, .wp-review-8507 .reviewed-item p { color: #555555; } .wp-review-8507 .review-title { padding-top: 15px; font-weight: bold; } .wp-review-8507 .review-links a { color: #1e73be; } .wp-review-8507 .review-links a:hover { background: #1e73be; color: #fff; } .wp-review-8507 .review-list li, { background: #ffffff; } .wp-review-8507 .review-title, .wp-review-8507 .review-list li:nth-child(2n), .wp-review-8507 .wpr-user-features-rating .user-review-title { background: #e7e7e7; }, .wp-review-8507 .review-title, .wp-review-8507 .review-list li, .wp-review-8507 .review-list li:last-child, .wp-review-8507 .user-review-area, .wp-review-8507 .reviewed-item, .wp-review-8507 .review-links, .wp-review-8507 .wpr-user-features-rating { border-color: #e7e7e7; } .wp-review-8507 .wpr-rating-accept-btn { background: #1e73be; } .user-review-title { color: inherit; } .user-review-area .review-circle { height: 32px; }