What is WebTracker?

WebTracker LogoWebTracker is the most advanced and highly targeted digital advertising solution available. The WebTracker Platform is built for local advertising and can deliver ads across all of the major global ad networks and online publishers (including Google, Facebook, and Instagram). The main benefit of WebTracker is that it allows you as an advertiser to deliver your ads to a highly targeted audience so that you are not wasting impressions and clicks on irrelevant people. Using Keyword Search re-targeting, Category Contextual Targeting, Site Re-targeting, Geo-Fencing, and more we can ensure that your ads are delivered to the right audience looking for your product/service

How does it work?

The WebTracker platform delivers ads in multiple ways, and clients can select which of these they want to take advantage of:


  1. Category Contextual – Targeting on sites with content relevant to your industry
  2. Keyword Search Re-targeting – Targeting terms relevant to your industry
  3. Keyword Level Contextual – Targeting content with terms relevant to your industry
  4. Site Re-targeting – Targeting users who have previously visited your website as they surf the web
  5. Facebook – WebTracker can utilize Facebook Ads to deliver based on interests, behaviors, job titles, and even site retargeting within the Facebook platform
  6. Geo-Fence Targeting – Targeting based on location. For Example, deliver ads to everyone who walks into your competitors location.  
  7. Event Targeting – Target individuals who went to an event, such as a trade show or sporting event, and advertise to that audience
  8. CRM Targeting – Targeting users from an existing database
  9. IP Targeting – Target users by the location of their IP address

WebTracker Advantages:

Maximized Efficiency – Creating your own relevant audience with keyword and category contextualization means maximum return for your marketing dollars.

Custom Scale – WebTracker’s contextual targeting lets advertisers target users on a broadband scale through categories or get granular by targeting at the keyword level.

Artificial Intelligence – The WebTracker platform is smart, and it just get’s smarter as time goes on. The longer a campaign runs, the more data our platform has to work with and optimize. Over time, WebTracker learns what works best and optimizes itself for best performance.

The First of Its Kind – WebTracker is the first technology to utilize all of the major Global Ad Networks which can include the Google Ad Network and the Facebook Ad Network. Also, because of WebTracker’s ability to target an audience with advertisements based on keywords, demographics, interests, location, etc..  it is by far the most highly targeted digital advertising solution available.

Stop wasting thousands of dollars on billboards and direct mail that don’t reach a targeted audience. Stop wasting clicks and impressions on banner ads that do not utilize advanced targeting tactics. Put your marketing dollars to use where they will provide the most return. Schedule a live demo of WebTracker today and see for yourself why this is a real game changer.

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