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Recommending a CRM | Recommending a CRM

Higher Images recommends a CRM and Marketing Automation to streamline your operations. A CRM allows you to take control of your sales process, increase productivity, gain new leads, and so much more!

Here are our top reasons for using a CRM and Marketing Automation needs:

1. Increase the productivity of your salesforce through the CRM

With a CRM, you can automate processes like contact communication and organization, allowing you to speed up the everyday operations of your salesforce.

Using a CRM also helps to reduce errors and ensure that communications remain consistent and accurate. With automation, your team can nurture leads throughout the sales process through scheduled follow-up emails and more!

2. Customize Your CRM to Manage Your Sales Process as Well As Aiding In Sales Forecasting

CRM and Marketing Automation | CRM and Marketing AutomationWith a CRM, you can set up your pipeline that matches your unique sales cycle. This feature allows you to add custom stages and fields for a completely customizable experience.

By setting up your pipeline, the CRM can also forecast your sales volume and revenue based on that data. Additionally, you can see automatic calculations as your sales team updates their deals within the CRM.

3. Create Powerful Automations to Enhance Your Sales Process

With a CRM, you can automate routine tasks and admin work which helps to keep your sales team on track and reduces missed opportunities for follow-up.

This CRM also makes it easy to review analytics while utilizing AI technology to help your sales team identify opportunities and, in turn, help you close more sales.

4. Gain Additional Lead Opportunites By Capturing Who is Visiting Your Website. 

In the past, companies could visit your website anonymously, but now with innovative CRM features, you can see which organizations are looking at your website, how they found your business, and what they engage with on your site.

This helps you to see what these potential leads are interested in, uncover relevant contact people, and can also help you monitor your existing customers to gain insight into when key accounts are ready to convert.

5. CRM is a cost-efficient way to improve your business

With a visual sales pipeline, automated reminders and follow-up, real-time reports, and more, you can increase sales and prioritize processes. This can help you increase sales, meaning the CRM will practically pay for itself!

Ready to Set Up Your CRM System? Higher Images Can Help!

Higher Images has the expertise you need to set up and integrate a CRM system into your daily operations. With our inside knowledge and know-how, we can teach you how to get the most out of your CRM system. Contact us today to get started!

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