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For over 22 years, we have helped businesses grow and thrive.

Our clients are our greatest asset and we are proud to share their success stories with you!

Website design for Dear John Trailer Rental | Website Dear John Trailer Rental

Trailer Rentals

Service Area Strategy Delivers Results

Our Trailer Rental Client has been providing office trailers and job site trailers for rent since 1963. One of the challenges that our client has to overcome is his large service footprint with only a single office in rural western Pennsylvania. To combat this, we have designed a special service area page for each city that our client delivers to. In the first six months since the site went live earlier this year, these pages saw the following results:

  • 431 people finding the website through the new locations landing pages
  • 16 Form Submissions from location pages only
  • 22 Mobile “Click to Call” from location pages only
  • 9 Total landing pages at this time – we plan to add to a few more locations in 2022
Website design for Garage Door Supply House | Website Garage Door Supply House

Garage Door Supplier

$1.25 Million of Online Sales in 2020

Launched as an eComm Startup in 2018, Garage Door Supply Provider offers dozens of garage door styles to Residential and Commercial customers across the continental United States. Our marketing partnership with the online retailer has helped to provide their initial foundation of website development and branding all the way through their enormous success of topping over $1million in annual online sales within the first two years of their launch.

Some of our bragging rights include:

  • Over $1,250,000 in gross sales in 2020
  • Average gross monthly sales of $104,269 in 2020 (vs. $78,724 average in 2019 = Over 33% increase in sales per month)
  • Mixed use of SEM and Social Media generated 517 orders placed online for 746 total items in 2020
Website design for King Orthodontics | Website King Orthodontics

Dental Practice

64.20% Increase in Request Appointment Form Submissions

For over 30 years, our dental practice client has helped children and adults achieve the confident smiles that they have been dreaming about. From the beginning of our relationship and over the past 9 years, Higher Images has helped this client improve from a website that received a few hundred visitors to now over 80,000 web visitors per year. We are proud to say that we have helped this client grow to be among the top 1% of Invisalign providers in the United States of America as of 2020. Some of the highlights we can hang our hats on include:

  • 64.20% Increase in Request an Appointment Form Submissions in 2020 vs. 2019
  • 646 Total Website Form Submissions in 2020 vs 502 in 2019 (29% increase year over year)
  • 645 Mobile “Click to Call” phone calls from website in 2020
  • Every year since 2015 have experience a 10%+ increase in Website Traffic
Website design for Patete Kitchen and Bath | Website Patete Kitchen and Bath

Kitchen and Bath Design Client

531 Total SEM Website Conversions in 2020

For over 58 years, our Kitchen & Bath Design Client has delivered the creative and professional services required by homeowners in Pittsburgh and nearby areas to help them realize their dream bathroom or kitchen. Our relationship with the client has helped solidify their online visibility and reach their goals of improving online visibility and increasing sales. Some of our highlights include:

  • 704 Total Website Form Submissions in 2020 (vs. 524 in 2019 = 34% increase)
  • 531 Total SEM Website Conversions in 2020 (Forms, request driving directions to showroom, Mobile “Click to Call” phone calls)
  • $55.84 average cost per website conversion
  • 46.67% improvement in 2020 vs 2019
Website design for Blue Chip Pest Control | Website Blue Chip Pest Control

Pest Control Client

1,176 Mobile “Click to Call” Phone Calls Generated

Our Pest Control client has been serving St. Louis families for generations. We are proud to say that our 10-year relationship with the client has helped build them to one of the top 100 largest Pest Control Companies in the United States of America. Some of the highlights we can hang our hats on include:

  • 2020 Year over year 11% increase in Organic Website Traffic Alone
  • 1,176 Mobile “Click to Call” Phone Calls Generated (2020)
  • 959 “Schedule Service” Form completions through website (2020)