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Advanced Tracking Solutions

A low bounce rate, lots of page requests, and thousands of hits don’t give you want you really need: names and contact information. So how do you track anonymous visitors who come to your website so that you can turn them into customers? It’s easy with Visitor ID. When someone visits your website, Visitor ID researches them in real time, gathers their information, and then sends it to you. That means that you’ll be able to see company names and a prospect’s phone numbers—even their social media use.

Benefits of Visitor ID

  • See Website Visitor Data

  • See Companies & Get Company Contacts

  • See Pages Visited and Time on Site

  • Marketing Automation Follow-up Options

How Higher Images Can Help

  • Seemless Setup and Website Integration

  • Email Reporting with Customer Data

  • No Forms or Registration Required

  • Financing Options Available

Case Studies

We have real results that show how we can help your business grow over time. These results include increases in calls, form submissions, and more!


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Getting Started with Visitor ID

Quick Setup and Integration
Use Visitor ID to find new business, engage current customers, and identify visitors who are looking at your website. We’ll send you an alert with a prospect’s phone number while they are still on your site. From there, it’s all you.
Visitor ID is Easy to Set Up and Use

Installation on your computer is fast! Right away, Visitor ID will be producing results. It’s fully mobile, too, so you can view it on your tablet or smartphone. More leads equal more sales, so Visitor ID is just what you need. Call us today to learn how easy it is to get fresh leads from your site.

Visitor ID FAQ

See our frequently asked questions here to learn more about Visitor ID and contact us to learn more about implementing it into your marketing strategy.

Visitor ID

We can send you the code or implement the code on your website for you. Once the code is on your website, we’ll be able to start tracking your visitors.

Depending on your level of Visitor ID we can track a majority, but not all, of visitors or businesses.

As soon as the code is enabled on your website, we’ll be able to start tracking your website visitors.

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