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Digital HI™ Technology, a continuously growing Webmarketing console created by Higher Images Inc., provides businesses and agencies with a proven system that allows them to track what marketing and advertising dollars are making an impact.

Benefits of Digital HI™ Technology

  • Manage all business marketing through one system.

  • Increase sales using real-time results.

  • Since it is created in-house, costs for this technology are low.

  • Make your local and national products or services easy to find.

How Higher Images Can Help

  • Accountability through our tracking mechanism that shows you where your digital dollars are working.

  • User-friendly system available 24 hours a day.

  • Expert team of digital marketers.

  • 22+ years of experience helping businesses achieve their marketing goals.

Case Studies

We have real results that show how we can help your business grow over time. These results include increases in calls, form submissions, and more!


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All-in-One Digital Marketing Warehouse

Developed to Enhance Marketing Strategies

Digital HI™ Technology was developed by marketers, for marketers as an effective digital marketing expert proficient in web design, web tracking, search engine optimization, Pay-Per-Click Marketing, local search and more. Digital HI™ Technology has become a tracking system that encompasses digital marketing efforts in an online accountability warehouse.

Conversion Tracking & Reporting Softwares

Track and log customer phone calls. The call’s location, date and phone conversation is tracked and compiled onto a data sheet for easy reference. This includes how many people clicked on the phone number to call a business, how long the call took to be answered, and how much time was spent on the phone. Companies can use this feature to gauge employees’ customer service skills, to enhance sales training, and to design their new employee training programs.

Website Tracking Integrations

Track both full site and mobile site traffic. The latest data shows that 40 percent of online searches are performed using a mobile device. That number will increase every year as the mobile market continues to grow, and eventually dominate, online searches. Our technology allows clients to see the number of hits they receive on their sites, plus each page, document, blog entry, etc.

Digital HI Technology FAQ

If you have questions about Digital HI Technology, our expert team has the answers. Check out some of our most asked questions below.

Digital HI Technology

Digital HI™ Technology is an online platform that brings together multiple technologies in one easy-to use marketing console. It provides our clients direct results on their marketing and advertising campaigns. Our clients use Digital HI™ Technology to:

  • Increase their online presence for their local product or service
  • Improve Search Engine Optimization for their business
  • Track all online and offline marketing areas, including call conversations and lead generation through websites, online searches, and social media
  • Reach and engage more customers by creating custom mobile sites
  • Improve customer service and employee training

When Digital HI™ Technology integrated into your system, this technology becomes a tracking system that encompasses digital marketing efforts in an online “accountability warehouse,” Digital HI™ Technology can tell you exactly how many online leads you’ve produced, how many of those leads were conversions, and what a business’ next potential area of expansion could be.

Increase sales using real-time results.

Digital HI has changed how business owners track and view marketing efforts. With the level of accountability and simplicity that Digital HI offers, business owners can now view results and then decide how to improve customer service, products, or marketing. The control that you now have will propel you towards better business decisions.

Manage all of your business marketing through one system.

Business owners save time and money by having a centralized management system in place to handle all of the marketing, support, updates, and tracking results. Most marketing efforts for small-to-midsize companies are very difficult to track because the systems available are incomplete and incompatible with many businesses’ hardware and software systems. Digital HI™ Technology is web-based, completely accessible, and unifies all online and offline marketing efforts for businesses and their multiple locations. We’ve found that companies that digitize all of their marketing efforts—and then show ROI by providing tangible results for the marketing dollars spent—are able to quickly increase market share and grow their business.

Make your local or national product or service easy to find.

Customers can’t buy your product if they can’t find you. Digital HI™ also powers Search Magnet Local™ , a program that is specifically designed to increase a company’s presence on the Internet by increasing their online” real estate.” Using both full-site and mobile-site capabilities, Search Magnet Local site advertising is targeted very precisely to the search terms and location provided by the user, allowing your site to be located by search engines, and immediately increasing your Google ranking. Your business can now be found easily by anyone with a computer or smart phone.

Get your mobile business moving.

The mobile market is exploding. Almost 80 percent of online searches are now performed using a mobile device. As the mobile market continues to grow, a majority of online searches will be completed from smart phones and tablets. Digital HI™ Technology allows clients to see the number of hits generated from mobile devices, not only from your home site, but from each page, document, news item and blog entry. The mobile market is a key opportunity to connect with potential customers by improving upon the technology that mobile devices already use.

Level the playing field.

Digital HI™ Technology allows smaller-sized business to compete in the global marketplace. Our technology is all developed in-house, rather than outsourcing to a vendor, and this keeps costs low for us and, in turn, for our clients. We build state-of-the-art technologies in-house and at much lower costs. This way, we can serve and help the owners of small and medium-sized businesses who now can afford cutting-edge technology to attract customers and consumers.

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