Search Magnet Local™

Search Magnet Local™, or SML, is a targeted search service that uses specialized Internet search engines to allow users to find businesses in local searches. The Search Magnet Local™ program is designed to increase a company’s presence on the Internet by increasing their real estate online.

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Search Magnet Local™

Search Magnet Local™ can be a stand-alone website or can be used to significantly enhance a current website. It is not designed to replace a business’s current website, but to enhance it through back-linking and special conversion techniques. Search Magnet Local™ can be customized so that clients can integrate certain modules into their current website, such as coupons and testimonials that can be immediately updated through the Digital HI system.

An SML includes a complete mobile website for those companies that do not yet have a responsive website, a built-in blog system, social media integration, a restaurant menu system, an online gallery, a document library, reviews and testimonials, a coupon management system, call recording options, and a text message system. Like other Digital HI Technology products, it offers accountability through detailed traffic and conversion statistics.

When completed, a Search Magnet Local™ site

When completed, a Search Magnet Local™ site is submitted to business directories, GPS Navigation Systems, 411 information services, plus press releases and news can be added to news/feeds services. Using the major search engines, businesses are placed high in the search results for the most common search terms that people use. Search Magnet Local site advertising is targeted very precisely to the search terms and location provided by the user.

Search Magnet Local™ is a popular product that makes it easy for business owners to update themselves and is affordable for small-to-medium-sized businesses. It delivers on the one objective most business owners have – bringing in new prospects and customers every day.

With all of this power in one place, you can see how an SML can help you.

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