About Higher Images

20 years and counting.

Higher Images is a digital marketing company in Pittsburgh that was founded by Bryan Thornberg 20 years ago.

Bryan was looking for a way to help businesses reach their business and sales goals through innovative, integrated online services. He had owned several successful businesses and knew how important it was to track results. The problem? Tracking all that data is time consuming, and as the internet’s reach became larger and more sophisticated, too much good information was getting lost or falling through the cracks.

So here’s Bryan’s great idea that started this whole company:

He knew what business owners needed, so he created Digital HI Technology, an online platform that brings together multiple technologies in one easy-to use marketing console. It provides clients direct results on their digital marketing campaigns. All of our products are now powered through this one-of-a-kind-system.

We’re Experts with Digital Marketing Solutions

In the constantly shifting digital world, 15 years is a lifetime! During this period, the business has grown from a company that offered local website design and hosting services to one that creates all-encompassing digital marketing solutions for businesses at a local, regional, and national level.

Here is what we do: Higher Images develops and designs websites, constructs SEO plans, runs PPC campaigns, creates branding initiatives, promotes business through public relations, and gets you noticed on social media.

Here are our results: We grow revenue, increase sales, build customer bases, expand any online presence, track campaign results, engage customers, and improve customer service. If that’s what you’re looking for, then we’re here to help.

After 15 years of helping companies grow, we can definitely say that we know what we’re doing, but we’re still learning every day. That mindset makes us a better agency and a great partner.

Call or contact us today to learn more. If you’re in the Pittsburgh area, stop by and visit.

Website Design

Your website introduces your business to the world. That means that you need a responsive website that is mobile friendly and engaging to capture your audience’s attention. Better design = more business.

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Search Engine Optimization

Fact: Nearly 93% of all internet experiences start with a search. You’ll need to make an impact to be found online. So let’s get you to page number 1. We have the tools and the expertise to get you there.

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