Direct Mail

Direct mail is a powerful marketing tool for specific industries that want to target certain audiences or addresses. It usually contains product and service specials and coupons and can be widely distributed to broad areas or sent to only a certain number of current or potential customers. Once your business has determined your customers’ profiles, including their demographics and shopping behaviors, the easier it is to communicate with them.

Why Use Direct Mail in a Digital Age?

Direct mail isn’t old school—instead, it’s the antidote to email marketing, which may overwhelm your audience. Mail captures your attention if it’s presented in a unique visual style. It is versatile and can be used with a traditional print marketing campaign, an outdoor campaign, a digital campaign, or several marketing tools.

Accountability and tracking, the hallmark of Higher Images’ digital marketing products, is also used with our print products. You can track direct mail’s effectiveness by creating a digital marketing point on a mail piece that includes print and digital elements. For instance, your direct mail piece can list a website, social media presence, or app that makes it possible to track and measure results using Google Analytics or Facebook analytics. This leads customers to your webpage and asks them to complete a conversion point, such as buying your product online. It can also be used to collect information from those on your direct mail list.

Businesses a Complete Print

This data allows us to offer businesses a complete print, digital, or combination marketing campaign that gains results and helps you meet your business goals. Higher Images would love to help you create a targeted direct mail campaign that focuses on the customers who are most likely to buy and use your products and services.

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