Email Marketing

Email marketing is a popular marketing tool that makes it easy to keep in touch with customers or potential customers. Because it’s so cost-efficient, it continues to generate a better ROI than many other marketing products. In fact, revenue from email marketing increases conversions by 10% when you send personalized messages to customers.

Everyone has an email account or two

Everyone has an email account or two, and businesses know they can communicate specials, products, services, news, and more to a receptive audience. Email marketing generates revenue using engaging content, design, and automation software. That’s why most companies prefer email marketing to reach their audience. But are you really capturing the leads that you want and getting the best ROI that you can? Are you increasing customer engagement?

Customer Engagement and Sales Leads Using Email Marketing

Most email marketing promotes products and services, and offer customers something in return, including:

You can use a well-designed email marketing campaign that uses your customers’ past purchases, browsing habits, and interests. The more data you have about what your customers want, the more you can target their possible purchases, the frequency with which they buy, and the money they are likely to spend every time they are on their site after being prompted through an email.

Higher Images can help you collect email addresses from your website or other sources, and then offer content that will increase customer loyalty, strengthen your brand, and most of all, sell more products. Ask us how we can make email marketing work for you.