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What is Ground Control?

Higher Images Inc. is excited to introduce a new marketing product called Ground Control. This revolutionary product is designed to provide business owners and sales managers with the tools they need to identify and engage leads, turn conversations into conversions, and stay connected with prospective clients throughout their buying process.

Ground Control is an automated marketing system that enables you to track your clients from the first meeting to the initial sale. This system also tracks the client beyond the initial sale and through the follow-up work with the client.  This system enables companies and their sales teams to save time through automation, while more effectively targeting and communicating with potential customers. 

With a variety of features for tracking clients to help you tailor dynamic content or targeted emails based on the customer’s behavior, this product can help streamline your sales process while also helping you to optimize your marketing, drive more leads, and convert more of your leads into sales.

By tracking the entire life of your lead with Ground Control, you can get a more accurate Return on Investment (ROI) for your marketing campaigns and discover what marketing efforts are converting sales and where you may need to make changes, saving you time and money.

Features of Ground Control

Ground Control offers a variety of features to help streamline your sales process and keep your sales team in more consistent, effective communication with customers.  This system tracks the customer to help your sales team engage with them at critical points in the buying process, providing you with a list of leads each day so you can act at the best time to convert them into sales. Features of this system include:

Dynamic Email Automation

This product will help you break free from the traditional email service providers and help you track customers throughout their buying process. This data can help you to personalize and send out more relevant, targeted marketing messages to each of your customers.

By tracking your clients’ interests, this product provides you with the capability to set up SmartMails and newsletters tailored to your clients for quicker more effective communication, notifying your sales team to act at the right time in the buying process.  You can also track your email success from clicks, bounces, opens, and deliveries to help you optimize your email messaging.

Built-in CRM

With the built-in CRM, you can track the entire life of a sales opportunity and create custom fields, filters, deal stages, and more to help you streamline and manage your sales process. Data can also be synced with your 3rd-party CRM of choice, making this a convenient and flexible option.

More Leads with VisitorID

Using a reverse IP lookup, VisitorID can help identify anonymous visitors to your site and provide you with contact information including emails, phone numbers, and names to help you gain more insight into your current web traffic and help you to track your known leads, allowing your sales team to follow up and make the sale. 

These features, among the many others, that Ground Control offers, can help you streamline your sales process, capture more leads, start conversations with customers that lead to sales, and more!  

Is Ground Control Right for You?

If you are looking for a new and more effective way to reach your target market, increase your sales, and get the most out of your marketing campaigns, Ground Control can help. Contact Higher Images today to learn more about Ground
Control and how our expert team can help you streamline your sales and marketing process.