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More than 50% of people who search for local stores are likely to visit those stores within the next day. Can your business be found by local users?

If you want to see what time the restaurant down the street opens, or you’re looking for movie times nearby, you probably grab your phone and search online. That’s called local search, and it dominates the internet. A recent Google study finds that 80 percent of consumers search online for local information, including business hours, addresses, directions, and product availability.

Local SEO Improves Your Sales and Foot Traffic

According to Google, the people who search for a local place are likely to visit that place the next day. Getting buyers into your store is no longer just about printing glossy advertisements or offering valuable coupons. Now, your business must optimize their local search listing features so that potential customers can find you instantly, because if they do, they are very likely to walk into your place the next day. Even better news: Nearly 20% of the time, local searches lead to a purchase within a day.

Local SEO for Businesses

Local Search doesn’t just drive customer behavior and purchasing decisions. Local SEO makes your business:

Easy to Find
Search for “best Italian Restaurant near me” and what do you find? A listing of Italian eateries that may or may not serve the best food, but these restaurants are using Local SEO to attract customers. And just like traditional SEO results, the places that come up first are the ones that hungry customers will consider and patronize. Plus, more than 2/3 of people who looked for a local business on their smartphone or computer will visit a store within five miles.

Reputable and Researchable
Local search listings include a map, pictures, a phone number, daily business hours, the address, directions, a website link, upcoming events, popular times, and reviews. If a customer has never been to your store or business, they can still get an accurate idea of your product or service and discover what others have to say about it. It’s an encounter that influences potential customers of any age.

More Marketable
With a majority of customers using reviews to determine their purchase plans, Local SEO offers potential customers the ability to quickly buy and try, then review and share on social media.

Local searches mean that someone is ready to buy, eat, relax, or explore where your business resides. These people want to spend their money with you. You have to be sure that your business is easy to find and has correct information, excellent reviews, and a responsive website.

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