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Promotional Product of the Month Pens | Promotional Product of the Month Pens


Pens are easily the most popular promotional product out there. there are several reasons for this.

  1. Everyone Uses Pens – Seems simple enough, everyone from time to time needs a pen, and a good one will almost never be discarded. Not only that, but pens can be used over and over again and kept for a long period of time. It is one of the best ways of subtle brand recognition out there.
  2. Pens are Inexpensive – the cost of a promotional pens run from under a dollar to a few bucks for a mid-teir option. These pens are seen
  3. Pens Can be Whimsical – everyone has seen the crooked pen for chiropractors, but you can go beyond that. Higher Images used their space theme and incorporated it into their pens to create a memorable experience for their Marketing Space grand opening. Marketing Space Pens | Marketing Space Pens
  4. Pens Can Be Professional – at the high end, quality custom engraved pens can be used as gifts for clients or as incentives for top employees. It always looks good to have your clients sign contracts with a high end engraved pen from Higher Images.
  5. Pittsburgh Promotional Products Pens | Pittsburgh Promotional Products PensPens Can be For any Business or Organization – given their flexible nature, pens can be effective promotional products for almost any business: from home improvement companies, to schools, to employment companies and non-profits. All of these companies and more can benefit from a promotional pen for their business.

Choosing the Right Pen Can Be Tough

The marketing experts at Higher Images have tried and tested so many of these pens your head will spin. from all of that experience we have found our best value in each segment given your business or organizations individual budget and needs. contact us today and we will help you pick out the perfect pen for your business.



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