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From lead tracking to marketing automation, you can use a CRM system to increase sales, create more effective campaigns, and provide excellent customer support. With our Customer Relationship Management system, you can more easily track your customer leads, create a more robust sales team, and improve the marketability of your business overall.

Benefits of a CRM System

  • Increase Sales

  • Create More Effective Campaigns

  • Gain Insight into Customer Buying Patterns

  • Track Progress Against Your Goals

How Higher Images Can Help

  • CRM System Set-Up Assistance

  • Expert Training on Utilizing Your CRM System

  • Measurable Results and Reports

  • Affordable Options to Meet Your Needs

Features of Pipedrive

When using Pipedrive, you can enjoy a variety of features to help you grow your leads, increase your sales, and streamline your sales process.

Customizable Pipeline

You can create a pipeline that matches your unique sales cycle. This allows you to customize the pipeline by adding custom fields and stages.

Visual Sales Process

When you create a pipeline, you can view your entire sales process in one place. Deals can be easily updated by simply dragging and dropping the deals into their place on the pipeline.

Easy Team Collaborations

Using the pipeline, teams can collaborate on activities throughout the sales process as well as on deals. This system allows you to share updates and wins with your team.

Follow Up Reminders

Follow-up is key to landing your deals. You can schedule reminders for each sales activity to help you stay ahead of the game and never miss a critical follow-up.

Pipedrive FAQ's

When you have questions about using a CRM system, our expert team has the answers. See some of our commonly asked questions here. Still, have more questions? Contact us for a consultation!


A CRM system is a Customer Relationship Management tool that allows businesses to track their interactions with their customers. With this system, businesses can track all communications with potential customers throughout the sales process.

All businesses can benefit from the use of a CRM system; this includes nonprofits, businesses, and educational institutions. A CRM system is useful for tracking the activity between your organization and your prospective students, customers, and supporters.

With the help of a CRM system, you can keep your leads organized, set activity reminders, and more effectively nurture your leads, which can lead to an increase in sales.

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