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At its core, public relations is about “getting the word out.” That’s the job of PR – building your brand by delivering information to your company’s target audience. It’s WAY more cost-effective than advertising, offers a great return on investment, and can be specifically tailored to reach customers.

Benefits of Public Relations

  • Increases Your Businesses Credibility and Confidence

  • An Asset that Increases the Value of Your Business

  • Build Trust with Potential Customers

  • Build Yourself and an Industry Expert

How Higher Images Can Help

  • Digital and Traditional Branding Strategies

  • Experienced Content Writers and Dedicated Reps

  • Thousands of Media Outlets for Press Releases

  • Payment Plans and Financing Options

Build & Maintain Your Businesses Reputation

Higher Images does much more than create “traditional media” public relations campaigns. We do PR that integrates every facet of what digital marketing has to offer. Public relations is much more than sending out press releases and creating relationships with the media. It’s now about directing the flow of information to both mass media and one-on-one customers to take advantage of social media.

Improve Your Reach

PR amplifies your reach to your target audience, positively impacts your page rankings, draws people to your site, and helps to increase brand loyalty. Higher Images’ PR packages ensure that your company reaches your target audience, whether it’s the general public or a specialized group. Reaching your audience means that you must develop relationships with current and potential customers, write content that’s interesting, and offer them a way to share it with others.

Engage With Your Audience

In the ever-shifting world of digital marketing, public relations involves crafting the proper message and sending it out to the right channels, ensuring that your audience is receiving your information. Once you’ve created awareness, gained your audience’s support, and spurred them to action, it’s about how you are equipped to receive, answer, and measure your audience’s feedback. We can help you create a plan to engage with your audience.

Public Relations in the Social Era

In just the past 10 years, PR has experienced a sea change. You can now use social media for many traditional PR tasks, such as reaching out to media, and for one-on-one digital communication, when you respond directly to someone who is part of your message audience, including customers and influencers.

Higher Images uses content creation, social media, press releases, video, and reputation management as the basis for their PR campaigns. We take advantage of the world of digital marketing and the tens of thousands of different media channels that are available. Our PR systems help us to target key journalists and influencers, measure press pick up for local, regional, and national news, and then monitor both media and social channels to see who is talking about your products.

Branding, Design, & P.R. FAQ

When you have questions on branding, our expert team knows the answers. See some of our commonly asked questions here. Still have more questions? Contact us for a consultation!

Branding, Design, & P.R.

Design focuses on the visual aspects where branding goes beyond visuals to create a consistent presence that people will know and recognize.

Creating a brand helps build your reputation and increase customer loyalty. Good branding sets your business apart from the competition, giving you the edge.

Eye-catching design that is consistent with your branding will help potential new customers recognize. This will increase your other marketing efforts and customer loyalty. When paired with PR, it will help build your reputation, making you one of the top service providers in your industry.

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