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All Advertising is subject to publisher’s approval. The messenger reserves the right to reject or revise any advertising, at any time, for any reason.

All advertising which simulates “news-style” (or advertorial) is required to carry the word “advertisement” in the ad.

Cancellation of any advertising must be received in writing in writing prior to the space reservation deadline. Any cancellation after the space reservations deadline will be billed at 100%.

Advertisers requesting extensive changes to ad copy after original copy has been set will be charged for required makeover time at a rate of $30 per hour.

  • All advertisements are to be paid at time of order.
  • All “Going out of business” advertisements will be accepted on a prepaid basis only.
  • All political advertisements will be excepted on a prepaid basis only.
  • Monthly automatic ACH and credit card debts are available.
  • The Messenger reserves the right to hold an advertiser’s insertion for delinquent account balances or nonpayment.

Advertiser shall assume responsibility and liability for all content (including pictorial representations and graphic artwork) of advertisements placed by the Messenger and shall assume full responsibility for any claims arising there from made against the messenger it’s owners, agents and employees.

Advertiser agrees to indemnify and hold the Messenger harmless of any and all expenses or losses, including but not limited to attorney’s fees and legal judgments occurred by the Messenger for any reason and any and all claims arising out of publication of any advertisement place by the advertiser.

The Messenger shall not be liable for any reproduction or typographical errors which do not lessen the value of the advertisement and will not be subject to allowance. The publisher’s liability for other errors or omissions in connection with an advertisement is strictly limited to publication of the advertisement and any subsequent issue or in the refund of any monies paid for the advertisement.