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Use Limited to Site-Related Communications. Because of the nature of the services offered on Higher Images, Higher Images may allow you to access other users’ information. You may use such information only for Higher Images-related communications. Higher Images-related communication expressly excludes unsolicited commercial messages. In all cases, you must give users an opportunity to remove themselves from your database and a chance to review what information you have collected about them. In addition, under no circumstances can you disclose personally identifiable information about another user to any third party without our consent and the consent of such other user after adequate disclosure. Note that law enforcement personnel and other rights holders are given different rights with respect to information they access. { font-family: 'Open Sans', sans-serif; } { width: 100%; float: left; }, .wp-review-9710 .review-title, .wp-review-9710 .review-desc p, .wp-review-9710 .reviewed-item p { color: #555555; } .wp-review-9710 .review-title { padding-top: 15px; font-weight: bold; } .wp-review-9710 .review-links a { color: #1e73be; } .wp-review-9710 .review-links a:hover { background: #1e73be; color: #fff; } .wp-review-9710 .review-list li, { background: #ffffff; } .wp-review-9710 .review-title, .wp-review-9710 .review-list li:nth-child(2n), .wp-review-9710 .wpr-user-features-rating .user-review-title { background: #e7e7e7; }, .wp-review-9710 .review-title, .wp-review-9710 .review-list li, .wp-review-9710 .review-list li:last-child, .wp-review-9710 .user-review-area, .wp-review-9710 .reviewed-item, .wp-review-9710 .review-links, .wp-review-9710 .wpr-user-features-rating { border-color: #e7e7e7; } .wp-review-9710 .wpr-rating-accept-btn { background: #1e73be; } .user-review-title { color: inherit; } .user-review-area .review-circle { height: 32px; }