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STORM is an SEO program designed by Higher Images to help clients drive website traffic, increase sales, build their brand and track
their rankings. This program provides businesses with a marketing strategy to help them achieve their goals and make an impact on their brand reputation and sales.

STORM: More than Just Your Average SEO Program

STORM stand s for Social, Tactical, Organic, Reputation and Marketing. Each of these terms represents an important
facet of a successful marketing campaign and when combined can help lead your business to success. Our STORM Program includes:

This program also includes regular SEO meetings with one of our expert SEO specialists and a dedicated team on hand to assist you with your
marketing efforts. We will teach you how to manage your online reputation and will provide you with on-0going marketing consultations to ensure your marketing efforts remain aligned with your needs and goals.

  • Content Writing
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Social Media
  • Press Releases
  • Keyword Monitoring
  • Citation Monitoring & Linking
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Marketing Analysis
  • Reputation Builder
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Search Magnet Local™
  • Digital HI™ Web Marketing Console

Why STORM SEO is the Key to Successful Marketing

Almost 90% of all marketers believe that SEO can improve your search rankings, leads, and website traffic, but as a business owner, you may
be wondering why you need SEO, or you may think that SEO concepts don’t apply to your business. At Higher Images, our STORM program can benefit your marketing efforts and outreach in many ways.

Increases Search Rankings

With over 100 billion searches occurring on Google each month, it is safe to say that most people rely on Google to find companies and learn
more about products and services. Even if the focus of your business is local, people will still utilize a search engine, like Google, to look for reviews about your business or directions to your physical location. In many cases, a customer will search for your company name, rather than your domain, so it is crucial to increase your search rankings to ensure you show up on the first page of results where the customer can easily find your website.

Increases Website Traffic

As part of our STORM program, we will optimize your website content with valuable information that will make it easier for a search engine
to find and organize. This helps you achieve higher rankings, making you more visible to customers and in turn, increasing your website traffic. Our SEO experts can help you optimize your content with the correct keywords to get the
rankings you need to target your audience effectively.

Produces Qualified Leads

When a customer searches for a specific term or phrase, the search engine will return the top results to them. With our STORM Program, we
can monitor your keywords and citations, while also analyzing the market and the competitors in your industry to help develop a strategy that will get you to the top of the search results.

By helping you get to the top of the search results, you can put your information in front of an active audience who is looking for that
information at that moment, unlike traditional advertising where you are pay to push information in front of people who may not be interested or looking for your services at that time. This will help you gain qualified leads for your sales team in an efficient and sustainable way.

Get Started with our STORM Program Today!

Our STORM SEO is the ultimate marketing tool where our dedicated team of experts leverages search optimization, PR, local search, and social media to drive traffic for your business. Contact Higher Images today to learn more about how we can help you build your brand and create new marketing strategies to help your business grow.