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What Social Media Platform Is Best for Your Business?

You’ve heard how important social media is for your business: it brings in customers and allows you to connect to the people who want to purchase your products. The good news is that you can use several platforms for your business. Here’s a quick breakdown of each:


Facebook is king of social media right now. It was more than 1.15 active billion users worldwide, and it’s a master at collating information on its users. If you’re looking to target those within 15 miles of your stores, who are 18-49 years old, are female, and have interests like cooking, then Facebook can deliver that audience to you using sophisticated methods. You’ll be able to host online groups or events, gather reviews, and target precise customer groups using paid advertising.


. Twitter has 215 million active users, many of whom are looking for their favorite people, brands, and products to follow. You only use 140 characters to keep customers up to date with your specials, to engage them in real time, and to determine trends that are within your targeted audience. Your followers can easily message you at any time, which allows you to talk to them, answer questions, resolve problems, and gather information. What was once a one-way conversation where you talked to your customers, has now become a way to form actual relationships.


. LinkedIn positions you as an expert in your field. It has 270 million users, and the platform is an important business-to-business marketing tool for those who want to tout their experience or their company’s products. Plus, it’s great to show off your knowledge of your industry, and you can share your blogs, white papers, and press releases.

Other social media platforms include Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. Each one can help promote your brand, and they can be used to complement your advertising, marketing, and SEO programs.  Higher Images has social media management experts who can help you determine the best program for your company. Contact us today.